Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pictures/Wall Decor

I have been working on redoing my office a bit.  A little board.  As, I am always saying, One project usually leads to another.  After, the wall gallery was created and  a different picture was brought down to hang above my desk,  I decided that I had grown tired of the blue mats around these pictures. I am not tired of the pictures just the mats and frames.....

 This morning, I decided I was taking them apart, painting the mats and to darken up the frames. I had no idea if painting the mat was going to mess them up, but the last time I shopped mats, the selection was small.  So, I went for it!
Kinda looks like wood....

First, I painted the mats with some craft paint, then I brushed a darker stain over the frames.  This did darken them, but I wanted more.  I took some black paint and painted into the grooves, (one side at a time) and immediately wiped off leaving paint in the grooves.

 I like how they turned out!

While, we are one picture frames.  I have painted a bunch of them.  Why throw them out, when a little paint can make them different.

 Just a can of spray paint! Good bye Brass!

 I sanded this frame to reveal some red & black...Who knew?

 Just some of the many wood frames that I have....I painted and added some pictures that I took

A little moss glued on.

 The black frame (Left) was just like one above and I added onto it and painted.

What kind of projects have you done?