Friday, November 15, 2013

Wall Gallery

Have you ever looked at Wall Galleries?  I have spent a lot of time on and  looking at them.  Some use like frames all in the same size, same color, same mat, others use a modge podge of things, different colors of things, mirrors with frames, frames without pictures, only mirrors....the possibilities are endless.........

I had grown tired of one the walls in my office.  I wanted to add a bit of color and beef up some frames.  Thus, a project began.  I am going to show before and after first, then if you feel like reading all the way thru, then you are more than welcome.  I just don't want to bore you....This project cost me almost nothing.  I bought 2 Picture frames.  I had scrap wood, horse shoes and paint!

 Before, and I had already taken one frame off the wall and had it out in the shop adding to it, beefing it up.  Yes, that is a fuse box, can't do anything about it, but paint it.

 After....First I darkened up the stripes on the wall. There were some there, but you can't really see then in the picture.  The horse shoes are from horses that we buried and that is their hair too.  Some may find that strange....  The wood that I have them hanging on is Pallet wood. The two pictures to the left are pictures of these horses and ponies.  I added two more pictures after I had taken this one to balance out around the Barrel Racer.

These guys were real special to us....They usually come here and stay here.  We have buried more than we have sold.....
I think they make pretty wall art!
Bomber broke a leg...
Saint, got hit by lightening...:)
  Whizz, had breakfast and then must have had a heart attack. 

Lucky went blind and after she ran over me, then into a wall, we decided it would be best to put her down.  Pistol had some kind of strange abcess in his gut, and after weeks of medication, many times of day, just didn't make it.

 The Black frame was just like the one above it and I cut wood to make the frame thicker.  I am going to darken up the frame above it as well.

 The top right picture Was sitting below the TV.  I painted Black Paint on the frame and then wiped it off.  Got rid of the Honey Oak.  Same thing with the frame with the white mat.

 I brought this picture down from upstairs and put it over my desk.  

If you want to see pictures on how I how I added to the picture frame, they are below:

 I just glued the wood onto the frame, leave the back open so you can your picture back in.