Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cheap Table & Chairs, Ugly to Cute!

The hunt was on for CHEAP furniture for my daughter's college apartment!  I started following a lot of swap sites on Facebook and checking Craigslist.  Things are posted day and night, and some people just want it gone, so you have to be FAST! I just happened to be looking when the Table was posted.

 Sorry, I had already flipped it upside down, to tighten things up, when I decided to take a picture!  UGLY! Right?  Well the table and 4 chairs was $50.  The table is a perfect apartment size 30" x 48" and it has a little leaf on each end that pulls out and makes the table 60" long.

 These were my inspiration!  I thought colored chairs would be good to add POP to an apartment!

                        After tightening up screws and some wood glue, I just painted the legs.

                                                              And then distressed it!

I needed to find fabric to cover the seats on the chairs, so I would know what color to paint them.
I scored this at Hobby Lobby on clearance.

                                                           Chairs are distressed too.....

After, I took the seats off the chairs, I realized that I would have to cut out new ones.  The wood was really thin and cracked in a number of places.  I happened to have some 3/4 chip board laying around that used for new seats.  I used one of the old ones for a pattern.  The old ones were just covered with a thin cotton batting.  I wanted plush.  I went to an upholstery store and bought foam.  I cut the foam
3/4" bigger around then the plywood.  Then I used cotton batting to cover the foam and stapled to bottom of the seat.  Then attached the fabric the same way.  Sorry!  Should have taken pictures.

 And, Here it is in the apartment.  A perfect size for their space.  I am sorry for the poor quality pictures.  The lighting was terrible and the sun was shining through the blind. Looks pretty good for about $100 investment.  Table $50, Foam, Fabric & Paint - about $50

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

College Kid, 1st Apt, Decorating on the CHEAP!

The first year off to college involved getting all the stuff needed for a dorm room.  Last year it just involved getting said stuff back to school and up to the 5th floor.  This year, she got an apartment with a roommate.  So, this summer, I worked on finding furniture on the cheap!

The first item I scored was a FREE couch.  Yeah me!  His cat had done some damage to one of the arms.  

                                                       This is the end of the couch.

 I used a piece of fabric that I had, that was close in color and the spray adhesive to put in behind tear.
And then because the front of the arm was also messed up.....I actually cut several more strings off and glued on top.  Yes, you can see it in the close up, but is really not noticable.

 Then, I took some newspaper and made a pattern of the front of the arm and cut the leather tooled look fabric out.  Again, I attached with the spray adhesive.

                               Then, I used Upholstery Brads around the edges to dress it up.

                                        Here it is in the apartment.  It turned out GREAT!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good Ole Southern Sweet TEA!

I thought I would share how I make my Sweet Tea.......I didn't really think of this being blog worthy, until a friend said, that she hadn't ever thought of making it this way.

 I don't pull out the staples either.

I use a 4 cup measuring cup to brew the tea.  I use to use a quart mason jar.  It will get really hot and you will need a towel to wrap around it.  My Nanny always used THIS measuring cup.  It a 4 cup and it doesn't get hot in microwave.  I use 5 Family size tea bags.  Put in the microwave 4 1/2 mins to 5 mins on High.  Then let seep for just a few more mins.

Done, Now strain into your Tea pitcher with 3/4 - 1 cup sugar and fill with water.  Enjoy!

No more boiling water on the stove top!  Go out and get you a large measuring cup!