Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jewelry Holders

After making my daughter a bracelet holder, I got in the mood to do something else.  My necklaces have hung on the corners of the mirror on my dresser forever.......I had seen on old rake head used to hang necklaces.  I just happened to have one. 


I used a wire brush to knock some of the rust off of it and then hit it with some Gold spray paint.  I used Hot glue to cover the handle with some rope.  And Done!  Hang it up!  


LOL! My husband came in and said, "Someone has hung an old rake up in the bathroom."

 Now, I am thinking that I need some new necklaces!

 I had to take some pictures down to hang the rake up.  I've had the pictures forever and was tired of them, but love the frames!  I had been to a friends house the other night and she had this cute earring holder made out of a window screen.  I just happen to have some.  I popped one picture out of the frame.  Cut a piece of window screen bigger than the opening and hot glued it in!  Oh my so easy!



 Of course this only works for dangle earrings, unless you want to pull the picture down to add Post earrings.


And, again....I think I need to go shopping. LOL,  I do have more than these, but they have clasp or post.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bracelet Holder

The day before my daughter was to go back to college, she announces that she wants me to make her a bracelet holder......I am like, are you kidding me.  My mind is racing!  How do I do that!  She says take a paper towel tube, cover it, put it on a base, simple.  And, I am thinking no, that will not work.  What do you do, when your not sure, GO to Pinterest!  So, I headed on over and found some examples and it was really simple to do.   And, she was right.

Here it is!


Base -found at Walmart 95 cents

Dowel- Walmart 95 cents

Paper Towel  tube

Magazine to roll up to put in tube


Paint/Stain to paint base and dowel

Drill - to drill hole in base for dowel

Saw - to cut dowel

Exacto knife to cut hole in tube

Wood glue

Hot Glue gun


 Cut dowel the length desired, I cut mine 7 inches.  Drill hole in base big enough for dowel, but not to big.  It needs to be snug.  Glue with wood glue.  Let dry! After it dries, then stain or paint.

 Prepare paper towel roll, with fabric.  I used Hot Glue to glue edges, some use Modge Podge.  Roll up magazine and slide inside.  I folded my fabric on the ends and glued.  Some fold it inside and someone else cute a circle and glued on.  I had some wide sheer ribbon, that I used to cover the fabric and tied it off on each end.

 OK, now for the hard Part....REALLY.  Mark center on fabric roll (at the seam, seam will be down) and use knife to make a hole for dowel to slide inside.....I know you are thinking no big deal!  But, remember that magazine is in there.  I wanted my dowel to go in at least half way, so it would be secure.  When you get hole dug out, put hot glue in the hole, and place dowel 


Ta DA! Done!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Guest House Cont....from 3/2014

I wrote this last year 3/2014......This was my plan.  At the bottom is the reno!  And I think it turned out Fabulous!

 Last week we spent some time at our home in Arkansas.  If you have been following along, then you know that most of this blog is about that place.  Between the house and the barn is another building.  We don't know what it was used for, but I am guessing a work shop.  It has fluorescent bulbs from one end to the other and all the electrical outlets are table high.  It is a wonderful building for a workshop and maybe it will be left that way.  But, right now, I am thinking guest house/game room. Hmmm, I do love to work on some stuff and who knows, by the time we get to move there...I could change my mind. I do know this.  It will have a handicap accessible bathroom in it. But, before anything gets done to the inside, the outside has to be fixed up.

Here is the lovely building.....It has a new roof, but in need of paint and more.  I do have a plan...but it will done in phases, Number One...Money, Number Two....Time.

The Grand Plan is to Extend the roof line out to the end and.... 

I would like to add stone work, several feet up and Replace the single door with one like this.


 I would also like to add a portico.  Here are a couple of my inspiration links:


 Someones plan to divert water, Add lots of concrete....UGH! The concrete in front of the door actually slopes toward the building, thus the bottom of the door is rotten.

 Get rid of these doors and frame in a window to match the others. This concrete was actually in a good shape and we reused it at the barn.

 End view.
Replace the iron post with a cedar one.  Cover that pipe with lattice.  That pipe has wiring in it that goes to the barn.  It comes back down inside the building on the other end and then underground.  I guess it was to much trouble to bury all of it.  I would have loved to been on that brain storm.

 Last week, we (Bob and men help) started with getting rid of all that concrete.  And then, I spent the day on the tractor moving dirt.  I graded it so the water would hopefully run away from the building.  If the building site had been properly prepared to begin with......Well it wasn't, then instead of moving dirt, they poured concrete and did a poor job at that.   We got a rain while we were there, and it looks like it is working.

 The building has a concrete floor, except for the add on.  It is on floor joist.  After, we pulled the concrete, we discovered the front joist is termite eaten and rotting.  So, we will have to see about that.  That means call someone with experience with that kind of thing.

Summer 2015.....My husband could not put it off any longer!

First on the list was to start painting....and redo the trim around the windows.

 We made this lattice to cover that awkward electric pipe that ran up the front of the building.

Instead of putting stone across the front, we decided for a cheaper option. Tin! Cedar trim is not on yet

Time to call the professionals!  Luckily we have friends that are great carpenters!  Off with the shed roof to extend the gable roof.


They had to build up the wall to make it level...


And the porch

Of course a new door....

A new window...

I think it looks GREAT!

From this to That!
You have judge the cow thru the mud!


 Now, the inside, well that is a blank slate! But, curb appeal is awesome......