Monday, April 14, 2014

Faux Stained Glass

Our home has a huge plate glass window in the Dining Room that has a Great view of......the Sun Room and a Door.  I had made some Burlap curtains for this window, which helped to soften it a bit, but it still needed something.  Now, the door was a focal point when looking out. Honestly, I don't look out, because there is nothing to look at, but the window lets in a lot of light.  I had seen the Faux Stained Glass windows and I thought  maybe that is what I needed.  What do you think?

This was a fun project! My first one ever.  I didn't read or look at any tutorials, just the instructions on the box.  If, you want to make one for yourself, keep reading and I will show the process.

What you need:
1. A window.  I paid $10 for mine.
2. Gallery Glass Instant Lead Lines, you can get this in a roll too.

These make it real easy, or you can use the paint lead

3.  Gallery Glass Paint

I bought this sample pack, but then......
I had to order in more Red, Green & Clear.
The Bottles are the WAY to go.  Much faster than using a spoon to get the colors out of the little sample tubs.

4. Craft Knife
5. Tooth picks
6. A pattern printed off the internet or make your own.

Now, your ready!
First, I decided on a pattern.  I measured my window opening and then drew it out on poster board.  I cut the board and taped it to the back of the window in order to lay out my lead lines. Sorry no picture.  I decided to do one side first and see how it worked out.

2. Thoroughly clean window with glass cleaner before starting your project

3. Apply the lead lines to your pattern.  Be careful to not stretch.  If the line doesn't exactly lay down where you want it, just push it into place push line down firmly.  Instructions say NOT to overlap, but I saw a tutorial where a lady did over lap hers.  I did not and used a craft knife to trim.  Then use your Liquid Line Leading to solder the intersections.  Let it dry completely before painting.  I let mine set over night.

 The painting begins!  HINT*****Do this project in an area with a lot of light!  This paint bubbles, take a toothpick to pop.  They are hard to see!
Using the tip of the Paint bottle, (The bottles are the way to go, Ease of use and cost)  gently squeeze paint around the inside perimeter of the leaded design, filling as high as the lead and then fill in the center.  Use a small tool or toothpick to comb back and forth to pop bubbles and make sure the paint is up against the edge.  The paint will shrink, so if you don't have it against the edge, you will see the gap.  ****Ok I hated one of the colors I used.  So after it dried, I took a sharp craft knife and cut real close around the edge and peeled up the paint. Yep it dries like plastic!

 You can make designs.  The squares, I kind patted the paint with a craft spoon to make the paint have a texture, instead of smooth.  The white will turn clear, but I used a small pointed tool and dipped into different colors and then swirled thru the white. Wipe your point off after each color.
 Do not rush drying by adding a fan, etc. I decided I needed to break up the boarder by adding more lead line.  You never see just solid border in Stained Glass
 Here it is finished!

 Here is a couple of squares that I mixed colors in.
I can't wait to do another one!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guest House.....

 Last week we spent some time at our home in Arkansas.  If you have been following along, then you know that most of this blog is about that place.  Between the house and the barn is another building.  We don't know what it was used for, but I am guessing a work shop.  It has fluorescent bulbs from one end to the other and all the electrical outlets are table high.  It is a wonderful building for a workshop and maybe it will be left that way.  But, right now, I am thinking guest house/game room. Hmmmm, I do love to work on some stuff and who knows, by the time we get to move there...I could change my mind. I do know this.  It will have a handicap accessible bathroom in it. But, before anything gets done to the inside, the outside has to be fixed up.

Here is the lovely building.....It has a new roof, but in need of paint and more.  I do have a plan...but it will done in phases, Number One...Money, Number Two....Time.

The Grand Plan is to Extend the roof line out to the end and.... 

I would like to add stone work, several feet up and Replace the single door with one like this.


 I would also like to add a portico.  Here are a couple of my inspiration links:


 Someones plan to divert water, Add lots of concrete....UGH! The concrete in front of the door actually slopes toward the building, thus the bottom of the door is rotten.

 Get rid of these doors and frame in a window to match the others. This concrete was actually the best and we reused it.

 End view.
Replace the iron post with a cedar one.  Cover that pipe with lattice.  That pipe has wiring in it that goes to the barn.  It comes back down inside the building on the other end and then underground.  I guess it was to much trouble to bury all of it.  I would have loved to been on that brain storm.

 Last week, we (Bob and men help) started with getting rid of all that concrete.  And then, I spent the day on the tractor moving dirt.  I graded it for the water to run away from the building.  If the building site had been properly prepared to begin with......Well it wasn't, then instead of moving dirt, they poured concrete and a poor job at that.   We got a rain while we were there, and it looks like it is working.

 The building has a concrete floor, except the add on.  It is on floor joist.  After pulled the concrete, we discovered the front joist is termite eaten and rotting.  So, we will have to see about that.  Means call someone with experience. 

 I love moving Dirt! We found lots of rock too!  We are in the hills......I think it looks better already.

If you have any ideas....I would LOVE to hear them.  Leave me a comment and let me know that you were here.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Gearing Up to Garden!

Oh my, I can't hardly stand it!  We have been having some great days and I am so ready to get my hands in some dirt.  Last week I showed you how I am using cardboard, newspaper & hay in my garden this year.  If you missed it.  Look under Labels-Gardening.

I mentioned, I believe that I wanted to plant some Strawberries and expand on my Asparagus bed.  I spent some time shopping on the computer at Gurneys and Burpee's.  One place had spend $50 and get $25 off and the other had spend $40, get $10 off.  Oh my, so I am checking prices, this one versus that one........Reading the reviews on the different varieties.  It gave me a headache. I had to get off the computer and make a feed run.

Well, I don't go to town Often.......LOL,  so while I was in town, something said run into Big Lots.  Low and behold they had Strawberry plants on the cheap.  I purchased some of those and a Blueberry bush too.  I've got to read up on them.

Then, I had to go into Lowes, because I needed some screws.  Well....guess what they had? Asparagus and the variety that I had read the reviews on.  Excited!  Then of course the seeds were right there.  May as well get some of the cool weather ones. I walk up to pay with an arm full.  The cashier ask, "Did you find everything all right?"  I said, "Yes, I came in for just screws."