Monday, August 12, 2013

THE Dorm Room - Critz Hall - MSU

College move in...finally arrived!  We left home at 5am to head to Mississippi State at Starkville, MS.  Check in started at 8:30am.  We wanted to be there and try to beat some of the crowd and rain.

Her truck was full of clothes and golf clubs.  My car was full of this and more.......

The college had over 500 volunteers to help with the move in process.  First, you had to go to a check in point to get your dorm key, and then get in line to your dorm.  We didn't really have a line.  We pulled right up in front of the dorm. There were dollies and volunteers to help you to unpack your vehicle.  Once, you had everything out, you moved your vehicle to a parking spot. We parked right there in front of the dorm.  As the day went on, parking got more difficult.  The volunteers even helped to get your things to your dorm.  Everything had her dorm room number posted on it.  I sure those on the second and third floors, REALLY appreciated the help.

Her new home for this school year, Critz Hall.  This is one of the old dorms. Many have been replaced with new dorms.  The key to getting into one of those....This IS IMPORTANT, Apply for college the very first MINUTE that the books open, which is at midnight.  You will have to look up the date.  She and her roommate had a combined application date of something like the 15th and that wasn't good enough. Or, be in the Honors College.  Brianna is smart enough, but didn't want the extra pressure.

Of course, I didn't get a before picture of the Room....but it would put tears in your eyes....thinking about leaving your baby there.  No bathroom in these rooms, you have to hike 3 doors down the hallway. I think there are 4 toilets in one room and 4 showers in another, for about 36 girls to share......

 Here is the floor plan.  Neither of the girls wanted to bunk their beds and I don't blame them.  Having them side by side does take up ALL the floor space, but allows for a ton of storage under the bed.

A room full!  Her Roommate brought the yellow curtains....They looked great while they were up!  We had to use command strips for everything, nails are not allowed and the outside wall is concrete anyway.  So, Katie's dad is working on a plan.  

Someone had to take a food break!

She is working on her Photo board.  The B frame was made for her, by her sister Megan, one year for Christmas.  It looks great with some dangle earrings.

You saw the Initials in an earlier post.  They look Cute!


If, she is studying at her desk on the Right, her roommate can't get in or leave without her moving.  It is tight!

The Corral picture frame on the top shelf, was just an old wood one that I painted to match her colors. The Yellow basket use to be green.  Spray paint is a wonderful thing.  The Yellow thing down on the desk holding Finger nail polish, is actually a Pool Ball holder that was spray painted Bright Yellow.

Welcome to Bulldog country!

 The thing hanging on the towel rack, we found at Bed Bath & Beyond, it is designed to hold hot irons, instead of leaving them on the vanity till they cool down.

Katie's dad made this to hold jewelry, she painted it.
The Family
I think that their room has to be one of cutest!