Paint Color Does Make a Difference

The paint color in a room, really does make a difference, it makes it you, it gives you a feeling, it makes it yours.   Some people are neutral, some like neutral tones, with a burst of color and some like it bold.  This is our second home, the before pictures are of the home as purchased and afters, are after I painted, of course.  This house had a lot of orange and yellow, everywhere and I couldn't wait to get rid of it.

 Orange, I struggled with what to paint this room, the orange wasn't bad, after I got rid of it in some of the other rooms.  But, Orange, I'm not.  One day, My Dad, of all people, says, "Paint it the same red as your kitchen."  OMG, I was thinking, that is a lot of red.....So I took over some pillows and different things in red to see what I thought about it.  And so, Red it became.  ( Cut Ruby 1009-4) I am still shopping for pictures and things.  It takes a while.

I hated this fireplace!

Now I can live with it...Check out the Fireplace page.
 This is the Dining Room, Orange again.  And they painted the knotty pine under the chair railing as well.  I love Browns, so I went in that direction in this room.

  Below the railing is Chocolate Milk and above is Lyndhurst Timber.  They almost have a grayish tint to them in this room.  But, the adjoining hallway, I painted in the Chocolate Milk as well and it looks completely different (out of the same can), I am guessing because of lighting.

This is the Master Bedroom.  You can check out how I did the doors under the Rustic Doors page.

Valspar Winter Wheat  EB46-3 on the walls.

This is our kitchen.  A full blown over haul is not in the budget, so we painted and changed out hardware.  Check out my kitchen page for many more pictures and kitchen projects that happened in here.

Valspar New Black

 This is a sunroom across the back of the house.  More Yellow....This was in a lot of spaces too.

I painted it a neutral to blend with the brick, BUT now, I plan to paint the brick also.  The whole room will be a darker rich brown, Blue Ceiling, with White trim.  Check back to check it out!  And, I some point the light fixtures will be updated.

We need some rugs.
  The Guest Bedroom, More of that poop Yellow..........


This room is painted with Valspar Cattail EB35-4 and the bed is painted with Valspar La Fonda Wild West Green 6006-4A

This is my daughters room.  It was the only room that I could actually live with the paint color, but we wanted something different.

This is our house in TN.

 My daughters make-up room was way overdue for an update.  I had asked many times, what color she would like to have it painted.  She never gave me an answer, while she was out of town it got painted. And a lot of junk got thrown out and organized.  She was completely shocked!

I still plan on framing the mirror and I need to reupholster the stools.

This is our den in our current home.  I had painted it a light color, because it gets no natural light. I was scared a dark color would be too drab.  But, I think the new color makes the furniture pop, instead of disappearing.  I can't get new furniture right now, but I feel like I got a new room.

sorry, I had already started moving furniture, before the picture.

Interesting orb in the picture.....