Fireplace Makeover- DIY

Well, this is actually a Fireplace make-do, as well.  I hate this Fireplace, but I can't afford to do a complete over haul at this time. Take a look, you will understand....

The mantle is too High, (can't solve that problem now), Hate the green tile, hate the brass surround, and those columns inside the tile, makes the whole thing look unbalanced.  So, what did I do?  Again, I kinda flew by the seat of my pants, not knowing if it would look good......but I figured, anything will look better.
And, it is just Paint... ***That ugly orange on that far wall, was in a number of rooms, but this room is now red.

1. I painted the tiles with a High Adhesive Primer that works on tile. This stuff is major thick and I couldn't get it real smooth, but it didn't matter. I planned on sponging for a textured look.

2. I painted the mantle, columns and outside tile.....Black.  After they dried, I distressed them with sandpaper.

3. We took the brass surround off, and put it in the garage.  It is not coming back.  Then, I gathered several colors of beige, & shades of Brown.

4. I painted all the tile within the columns a light beige color.

5. I painted the tile on the floor a darker brown, for contrast. 

6. Then, I took the handy dandy sea sponge and sponged different browns, till I was happy.

7. I also purchased some High Heat Black Spray paint and painted the inside of the Fireplace.

Columns & mantle done, Beige base on. Primer on floor tiles.

Distressed the wood.

Floor tiles, a bit darker.
Wow! It turned out better than I expected.  I can live with it.
 When I was little, I helped my dad with a lot of firewood.  Been there and done that, along with Poison Ivy, and I have no plans of doing it again.  I could buy some, but you still have to get it in the house and the mess along the way.  Plus, I don't know when or if, these chimneys have had a professional cleaning.  I checked and it was going to be several hundred, I'm not hauling wood anyway.  So, my solution.....

Here is my problem solved....We did have to cut up a tree that had fallen at our entry, a few logs, Candles, a Candlelabra made out of wrought iron. pine cones, some deer antlers and instant romance.

 I put some mirrors in the back of fireplace to reflect the light.  Judgement is still out on those. I hope you like it, I do!

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To This :)

A summer project will be to put up an antenna and a plug behind the TV.  This will get rid of the cables that you can see.  Vacation home = Not paying for cable and Doing Projects when You Can......