Painted Furniture

We bought a second home in AR.  I didn't really think about how much money it would cost to furnish it.  I became a fan of Craigslist real fast!  Below are some of my finds.  If your bargain shopping, this is where the saying comes in "Judge the cow, thru the mud".

                                                                    Guest Bedroom

 I know you have to wondering what is going on with the floor.  We are going to be moving a door, so I didn't want to invest in flooring to just mess it up.  So I pulled up the nasty carpet.  I found a rug at a resale store and painted around the edges of the floor to match the rug.  I also painted the bed to match.

Here it is!  My daughter thinks it is ugly, but I like it.

My Daughter's Room

Well actually this is my garage, where a lot of things happen.

I forgot to take a picture, before getting started. :(  Take the hardware off, take the doors off and drawers out.  Lightly sand...Clean the dust off.  Again, I used Valspar paint with primer, in the New Black satin. We purchased new hardware and put it all back together. I think it turned out pretty good.

Ta Da, here it is in its new home.

The bed and Chaise, Craigs list finds.  The blue table, my mother made and I painted.

Desk-Craigs list and I painted it.  The chair I found in a used furniture store.
We furnished this room for $450 in furniture. We still need curtains and few things, but all in good time.  When, we get it all pulled together, I will post pictures.

                                                               Dining Room Table

Pretty rough, but at $175 for a claw foot table and 6 chairs.  A little time & paint, I think I got a bargain.  She had refinished the table, but the chairs were pretty rough with splattered paint all over them.  Solution, PAINT them.

I lightly sanded the chairs.  I decided to only do upper part and leave the legs alone.  Clean the dust off.  Then I painted with Valspar paint with primer in New Black satin finish.  I brushed lightly over the detailing in the backs of the chairs so the wood wood show thru.  After they had dried, I distressed them using Med grit sandpaper.

Here it is, in its new home.

This is a desk that came out of my late Nannies house.  It is Old and she had beat it up quite a bit with her wheelchair.  It needed some love to make it fabulous.

A little wood filler and sanding.

More wood filler and sanding.

I like the finished product.  I was going to use this in my closet for a makeup table, but I think it has found a home in my dining room instead.  How did I do it?  After all the wood fill, sanding & cleaning the dust off.  I painted it black w/primer.  Then, I applied the Crackle Finish.  Let it dry....I had a little trouble with it running, maybe I rushed the drying time.  Then I painted it red.  I used a brush.  After it dried, I put the old hardware back on.  I think it is Fabulous, Red!