Monday, November 4, 2013

Burlap Curtains- SO EASY!

We bought a second home over in AR two years ago.  If you have been following along than you know this.....Decorating is on a beer/NO budget. We are by no means, Rich, so I have tried to furnish, decorate, fix up with as little money as possible.  Now, Our youngest is in college and College, room and board is over the top.  Now, the budget is almost a big 0.....LOL!  Now, that we are officially in year two, the projects and decorating continue.  Just gotta do what you can do.

The Dining Room, I would say, is getting close.....There is one of the biggest Plate Glass windows, that I have ever seen in this room.  And, It has a great view....NOT of the sunroom and a door.  You know curtains are Expensive.  Burlap is all the rage....and I have seen them all over the web....and you know Burlap is cheap.  I've seen pictures and pictures, but not really any directions, so you've lucked up.  I am going to show you how, I did mine.

I want to apologize for the low quality pictures.  I got several with my camera, before it said, "Batteries are Exhausted," Really....thank goodness for phones.
This is the window with the lovely view.  Also, pictured is my Craigs List find, table with 6 chairs, for $175.  Yes, I painted the chairs.  They were a mess.  For more details check under Painted Furniture.

I have seen pictures with curtains on branches, and on different types of rods. I decided to go branch hunting.  I found the Perfect Branch, the perfect length....Until I broke off the small end...Sanding on it.  So, the next best thing.  I cut it and left a gap between the two sides.

This is how we attached the branch to the wall, screw and wire.

Now, for the curtains....Easy Peesy...If, I can do it, anyone can!

Ok, this picture, is showing something else, BUT do you see the string, that I am pulling?  Burlap DOES NOT cut straight.  So, when you measure out the length that you need, pull one of the strings, completely out and then make your cut in the gap left.  A lady at Walmart showed me this....

Measure the length of curtain needed for your window.  I think that they look better hung higher as shown in my photo.  It also makes your window look larger.  Add a half an inch for your seam at the top.   I used the 3/8 in Heat Bond Hem, turned over the edge at the top only and ironed.  Then, I couldn't decide what I was going to use to attach.....I fly by the seat my pants alot and according to others I fly on a broom...Ha!

 This is what I used...Brain freeze, can't think of the name, but it is a twine.  It can found in the Hardware store, on the aisle with ropes, chains, etc.  It comes in different sizes. This is not the smallest and not the largest.
 You can see the top edge better here folded over with the heat bond.  I cut my twine 20", so I would have enough to tie.  Find the center point of the twine 10" and sew to the corner of fabric and then I placed one every 7 1/4".

Now, back to this picture.  I wanted my curtains puckered at the top.  Some of the pictures that I have seen of burlap curtains just don't look like they hang well.  So, I picked a string near the top of curtain and pulled, (be careful or you can pull it all the way out)  Pull string and work your fabric into a pucker.  You can locate the string on the other end, and pucker your fabric from that end as well.  I then tied several knots in the string and cut off the excess.

 Tie them on your stick.  Some of twine will be longer than others, unless you find a stick that is straight as arrow...I haven't decided about what I want to do with extra, leave it, cut it off, fray the ends....What do you think?  Let me know.

 After, I had them tied up, the curtains wanted to flair out.  I worked on my pleats and tied them back for awhile.  Burlap is stiff!

Here they are.....Finished!
I have found that one project always leads to another.  I have so many in my head, I just can't get to them all.  But, I want to do a Stained glass window to hang in the hide that wonderful view of the sunroom door.

Don't be a LURKER......Please leave a comment that you have visited.  Or any questions that I might can help you with......