Thursday, February 28, 2013

"If your ship does not come in, swim out to it." (Jonathan Winters)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



I don't know where this came from, but it says to "Keep this on the Fridge" and I do....

Sore Throat- This works! Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1/4 cup of honey and take 1 Tablespoon, 6 times a day

Rainy day cure for Dog Odor...Next time your dog comes in from the rain, simply wipe him down with Bounce or any dryer sheet.

Easy Eyeglass Protection...To prevent screws from falling out or loosening, apply a small drop of Clear fingernail polish.  This works on anything with Screws
 This one is probably my favorite, because I can remember it....
"If you find yourself in a hole....Quit digging...And get out!"  (author unknown)

"A wish is a desire without an attempt." (Farmers Digest)

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."  (Jimmy Dean)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Country Life

 I thought I would share some of our life living in the country.  Horses are Huge part of our life, but we do other things as well.....(Another share, another day)  It was a beautiful day on Sunday, therefore it was a good day to clean up the Horse trailer inside and out!  We (Bob) also loaded some hay in the hay pod for a Barrel Racing weekend.  I cleaned the inside speck and span.  Then, we both washed the outside...It needed it. 

I don't have any idea how other people get their stuff up there, but this is how we get it done!

All ladies need a good man!

One of the Crew, Hickory, checking out the going ons.

It needed a Bath!

No roughing it here....

Clean and ready to roll!

Some of what we DO!

My youngest daughter!


My husband, Bob!

I have another daughter, but I don't have any of her videos on my computer :(

Some pictures trail riding at Eminence, MO.

Brianna and her besties!

Friday, February 15, 2013

It has been a little busy around here, ( My baby turned 18 today!)  so I haven't put anything on my blog in it seems forever.  I was searching the internet the other day and came across a floor pouf on Better Homes & Gardens, so I thought Why not?   Check it out on the DIY - Sewing page found on the right hand side.  Let me know what you think.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Poison Ivy Queen

You are probably wondering.......why is she writing about Poison Ivy in the winter?  I saw a TV commercial this morning for Monistat and thought I would write about Poison Ivy.  Hmmm, I know you are confused.

See, I have been terribly allergic to Poison Ivy and Poison Oak all my life.  I wouldn't even have to see it, to get a rash.  If, I saw it growing, I would walk as far as possible around it.  Summers could be horrible and winter as well, when my dad was on a wood cutting mission.  You can get it in the winter and if someone burns it, you can get it in your eyes.

Things, I have used:
The Pink Stuff - (sorry can't remember the name) I hate it, it doesn't help and flakes off and makes a yucky mess.

Bleach- Yep, scrap the tops off and pour bleach over it.  I was at camp one summer and I had a terrible place on my arm.  I asked if anyone had bleach.  Somebody did and I poured it on my arm.  The camp nurse had a fit!  LOL! I had been doing this forever. This does work, but probably is not good for you.  Thirty eight years ago,  we did a lot of things, that people today think will kill you. Like drinking out of a water hose.

Oatmeal Bath- I did this once and don't think it helped, never did it again.

SHOTS- somewhere along the way, our family doctor said I could get shots to keep from getting it.  Really, are you kidding me?  I did get them, 1 a week for 3 weeks and then I think it was a yearly booster.  This was a life saver.  I haven't had them in years, but they did build up my immunity to it.  I have had two bad cases in my adult life, but not like I use to.  I don't know if you can still get the shots.  When, my doctor retired that was the end to the shots.

LYE Soap!  If you can get some, get it!  Sometimes you can find it at flea markets.  If you have been exposed, wash as soon as possible with the Lye Soap.  It will cut the oil off of your skin.  And, WASH your CLOTHES by themselves.  You can also mix up a paste with the Lye soap and put in on the rash.

Socks & Starch- If you get a rash on a joint area, such as the fold in your elbow. Cut the top off of a sock, and slip it on your arm.  Pour corn starch down in the sock and it will keep the area dry.

On the last bad case of it, I went to doctor because it was getting close to my eye.  I am not really sure what IT was.   It didn't look like any of the rashes that I have ever had.  I didn't know of anything that I had gotten in to.  At this time, I was introduced to Monistat... I say to the doctor, "That is not what this is used for."  He says to me, "It works to dry up Yeast Infections and works to dry up Poison Ivy."  And yes it did!

I hope my hints might help someone out!
*****Don't be a lurker, Feel free to leave comments....if this helps you....Or if you have other hints...  :)  Thanks for reading!