Monday, December 31, 2012


    Wow, we almost had a white Christmas.  It missed us by a day.  We had several inches here at home in TN, but at our second home in AR, 10" and lost power.   Hot Springs is not suppose to get that kind of snowfall!  The governor declared Arkansas a disaster, because there were over 130,000 homes without power.  We called our neighbor to see if we had power.  He said that we didn't and that the Utilities said it could be days to a week before the power was restored.  Thank goodness, we always turn off our water and open the lines each time we leave.   BUT, I had a freezer full of meat and some of that deer meat.  I can't go to store to replace that and I was afraid that water would start running out of the freezer and ruin our hardwood floors.  So, off we went to Arkansas on Thursday, after Bob got home from work.  Thank goodness it was an uneventful trip, but made for a long day.  The upside, I got some good pictures!

Here at home

                                 The trip over!  I am glad the roads at cleared for the most part.

The farther west we got, the more snow.

I-30 west

On the road to our house.
Our House

Our street
I will have to prune some broken limbs off the Crepe Mrytles.

The neighbors across the street, Beautiful Place!

Annual Christmas Trip

     Christmas has come and gone.....I was so busy thru the holidays (annual trip & family) and I've been sick the last 4 days, I just haven't blogged about anything.  This is little late, but I wanted to share.

    Two years ago, my husband and I went to Hot Springs, AR for our anniversary, which is the 28th of December, but we took our trip before Christmas.  We decided to stay at The Arlington Hotel in downtown and we just loved it. (  It is old, built in 1924.  It has a certain ambiance, and it still has some original decor.  The Arlington is to Hot Springs, as The Peabody is to Memphis, TN.  But, The Arlington has something that The Peabody doesn't,  it's own bath house with the mineral waters right there in the hotel.  Yes, we enjoyed the mineral bath and a wonderful massage.  Many famous people have stayed at The Arlington, including Al Capone.  See, Hot Springs has it's own dotted history with gambling and outlaws.  I just fell in love with Hot Springs, and if you have read my post, you realize that we bought a house over there.  

Enough rambling.....The Arlington decorates for Christmas with a huge Gingerbread house.  Each year, I love to go downtown, walk around, look at the lights and go to The Arlington.

Can you guess, how many candies?  They have a contest each year.

Bob & I sitting in the lobby.

 There are several of these Huge Nutcrackers.

  These are my beautiful daughters in front of tree last year.  Somehow, I missed getting a picture of the tree on this trip.

This is the park across the street last year.  This year it wasn't decorated, but a little park down the way was.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Starting to look like Christmas!

I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas.  It will be here and gone....before we know it. It is, finally starting to look like Christmas around here.  Normally, I have the tree up by the first weekend in Dec, but this year we were Barrel Racing, and it just didn't happen.  Nor, have I gotten the outside lights up, due to the rain.......The more days that slip by, it just doesn't seem worth the trouble. I may only get the porch done.  BUT, at the last minute, I decided, I wanted to paint the Den.  Yep, at Christmas and I already had the tree up, but not decorated.  I've been really wanting new furniture for a while, (Not happening, not soon) so, the new paint really made my den feel new.  I wish, I had done it a long time ago, but I had thought a darker color and no outside light would make it too dark.  I really love it. This was a job, moving all the furniture off the wall, moving it back, then moving more. Thank goodness, my husband was at home to help me with the furniture.  I still have the Entertainment wall to do, but that will wait, until after the Holidays.

Of course, I started moving stuff, before I thought to take a picture.
Our den, gets no natural light, so I had painted a light color.

 The nativity scene that my Godmother gave me, when I was maybe 10.  It only had one King then....I've always cherished it.

My girls tree.  Each year they got to pick out a special ornament for their tree.  You can see here the two different colors of paint.

Our skinny Christmas tree.
                                         The new Paint Job!  It give the room a warm feeling.