Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good Ole Southern Sweet TEA!

I thought I would share how I make my Sweet Tea.......I didn't really think of this being blog worthy, until a friend said, that she hadn't ever thought of making it this way.

 I don't pull out the staples either.

I use a 4 cup measuring cup to brew the tea.  I use to use a quart mason jar.  It will get really hot and you will need a towel to wrap around it.  My Nanny always used THIS measuring cup.  It a 4 cup and it doesn't get hot in microwave.  I use 5 Family size tea bags.  Put in the microwave 4 1/2 mins to 5 mins on High.  Then let seep for just a few more mins.

Done, Now strain into your Tea pitcher with 3/4 - 1 cup sugar and fill with water.  Enjoy!

No more boiling water on the stove top!  Go out and get you a large measuring cup!