Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make-up Room

I have had a busy weekend.  My daughter left Friday morning to go to Gatlingburg for the TN FFA (Future Farmers of America) convention.  It is known to happen....When someone is gone for a few days, it is a great time to redecorate.  I had asked, and asked, "What color do you want your make-up room?"  Her response, "I am going to college in a couple of months."  I say, "It is time for a change." Yep, that is what happened....I painted, I cleaned and I threw away about a 100 lbs of crap.  Does ANY one else have daughters that are hoarders?  Both of mine are!  My oldest has been gone for 7 years and still had stuff in the drawers. the garbage!  And the youngest had stuff in her drawers that was 7 years old too....When she was 11 years old.....Ugh, I can't believe they cannot get rid of stuff.

 Check out some of stuff in these drawers....I was horrified!
Two hair dyers, I have bought 2 since these were bought....Why?

7 Mascaras, Mom I need a Mascara....But never throw away an old one!
                  I really don't know where this comes from, Not throwing away the old stuff!

Stuff and hair things for little girls....

Stuff and more

I organized!

Wow, all nail stuff in one drawer!

                                                           The Old Look!

See all the finger nail polish on top of the jewelry couldn't fit in a drawer.  It does now. :)

It was cute...but time for a change.

I had some flowers here on the wall with some of that wall tape, that is suppose to come off, well it did and took some wall with it. I had to prepare my walls before painting.

A little spackle

Smooth it out and sand when dry

                                                    The NEW Look!

 I made this with a piece of picture canvas.  I painted it and then screwed in little cup holders across the bottom.  She has a lot of necklaces.  Where were they?  On hooks, in drawers, in bags......She doesn't even know what she has.  Jewelry still in their boxes.

 She will be surprised when she gets home.  And next week while she is on Spring Break....We are cleaning out a closet.

Next, Frame the mirror and reupholster the stools!  I will show pictures when I get it done!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hot Springs, AR

Good Morning, Monday!  It is a rainy day here in Tennessee, but it was a beautiful weekend in Arkansas.  We left early Thursday morning and didn't come home till Sunday.  Each trip makes it harder to cross back over the Muddy Mississippi River.
Friday we quit working around noon and went downtown to walk around.  Most of time we go in the evenings and so many of shops have already closed up.  BOY, was there a crowd down there Friday.  I think everyone was on Spring break and in town.

The Duck was every where!  That vehicle that goes about town and then can go right into the water and out on the lake.   We haven't done the duck ride and I don't think I plan on it.

 On the last trip over, we drove out north of town and I saw a restaurant named Fat Jacks, just north of The Arlington.  This trip, I wanted to check it out.  But, first, I  looked them up on the internet and looked at the menu and reviews.  The reviews were mixed, so we decided to try them for lunch first.  I can say.....I think the reviews were probably dead on, a little mixed thoughts.  The atmosphere is rustic, which I like.  They weren't crowded for lunch, so we got a table immediately.  Several servers came by and said something, so I am not sure they had certain tables that they worked.  One of them stops and asked if we had been helped yet and took our drink order, which she brought back pronto.  So, I am thinking, OK, maybe some of the reviews were wrong.  Then we sat...ready to order.  When, she finally made it back to take our order, I had already drank about half my beer.   I ordered a half a dozen oysters and Bob ordered the seafood crepe.  The food was pretty prompt.  A guy brought out our order and I had to ask for crackers and sauce (which he mixed at the table). I thought that was weird.  The oysters were good and a nice size.  Bob's Crepe was really good, but not what we had expected.  It was served in a dish....not sure where the crepe was....but he thought it was in there somewhere.  Then, the waiter brings me another beer without me asking for it......I am thinking....maybe it is two for one.  It wasn't, both beers were on our bill, but it was happy hour.  They seem a little disorganized there.  I am not sure if I will give them another go or not....especially during a busy hour.  Hmmmm....there are a lot of choices in Hot Springs.

After lunch we walked across the street and looked in the shops on that end of the street. We had never walked that far, so it was a good time, since we were parked on that end.  There is an interesting Antique shop down on that end.  Nothing, I need, but fun stuff to look at, like crowns, old jewelry, etc.  When were done, we moved (we in Fat Jack's parking) to a parking lot down by the visitors center.  We have been looking for a nice Racing picture to go above our couch. There are a ton of art galleries in Hot Springs downtown. You would think with this being a Race Track town, that all of them would have racing pictures.  You would think.  No Luck, we are still looking.   I spotted some people coming down from the walking trail that runs behind the bath house row.  I asked Bob, if we could walk it and he surprised me with a yes.  I was quite surprised when we reached the top of the stairs.  It is call the Grand Promenade.  I think it is really grand. The sign says, Closed from 10pm - 6am.......Hmmm, I wouldn't want to be up there in the dark, next to the woods and I wonder....does anyone go up there to check to see if anyone is breaking the rules.  It was warm,  great day, but the little walk had made us want something cold....Yes, there is a Yogurt place right across the street. Yep, a little Strawberry Cheese cake yogurt hit the spot.  It was time to go home, I had walked all I wanted.

Saturday, we got up and worked a Little.....then off to the Races.  OM goodness, we thought we had left early enough.  We got caught up in traffic for miles.....It didn't matter.  We just wasn't expecting it. A lot of friends from home had come over for the weekend as well, so we were excited to have a bunch to hang out with.  It was the best race weekend thus far.  Sunny and Warm!  The in field was open so we walked over, rather under the track to get over there. It is nice over in the middle.  There were Disney characters over there for the kids.  Families had blankets laid out under trees. It was nice!

In-field festivities.

Characters for the kids.


Sometimes there are celebrities at the races....Bo Derek & John Corbett  
I didn't recognize him, but one the girls there with us did.   He is the tallest man out there, standing next to the gray headed man. Yes, it is them, they announced it when, she pulled the winning ticket for the boat & truck give away. They were in town for the weekend and he was the Grand Marshal for the Shortest St Patrick's Day parade held in downtown Hot Springs on the 17th.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Parent's Road Trip

I have.... been working on some projects.  I just don't have anything to show and tell right now.  I was getting really excited for some out side projects.  But, winter decided to reshow her face and it has been very cool here.

 Since, I don't have anything to share, I thought I would show my parents pictures. They just got back home from their trip to Arizona.  They took a road trip out to visit my fathers' brother and family.  We took this trip as a family, when I was about 10 years old.  The whole day we traveled thru Texas.  As the day creep on, my parents starting to talking about finding a place to spend the night.  My mom, said that I started up from the back seat, "Not in Texas, I am tired of Texas!".  We made into New Mexico, like that really made a difference, but I guess it did to me at the time.  And, this trip my mom was thinking the same thing.  That is what brought the other trip to mind.  

I don't think I will be traveling out that way any time soon, so I have enjoyed their pictures.

 Sun City, AZ.  A retirement area.  The coyotes run down the middle of the streets.  My uncle keeps a big spotlight out in the screened in porch to check the back yard at night, before turning the dog out for his business. One night, my mom was awakened by a pack coming thru the neighborhood.  She said they were so loud and creepy that it put chill bumps up and down her spine.

My Uncle's yard

Everyone has gravel yards.


                                         Tombstone, AZ & OK Corral

                                           A Botanical garden outside of Phoenix, AZ

 They went out to AZ on the southern route thru TX, but came back the Northern route. They wanted to see the beautiful red mountains through  the Sedona, NM area.