Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Morning!  In a previous post, I told you that I have ONE size of jeans in my closet.....I actually do, but some are all cotton and some have stretch.   Some sit lower on the waist, and the others fit higher.  Guess which ones, that I have almost just about worn out.  The ones with some stretch.  This morning, I put on the jeans with No stretch and sit just a little higher on the waist.  Actually, I was surprised that I got into them and zipped them up.  They are a bit snug, but I've decided I am going to wear them every day, until I am thinner.  I have several pairs of these jeans, so it won't be a problem. I mean what a motivation.  That is what I am talking about.

I have continued to change my eating lifestyle.  I still refuse to say Diet......That automatically puts a Negative into the whole matter.  I do confess....  I did consider going on the 3 day diet this week.  I am really wanting to be 5 lbs lighter and I can feel and smell Spring.  But, I didn't.......This week I have been eating Grapefruit for Breakfast, with NO sugar.  I didn't think that I would like it, but actually I really didn't miss it.  How is that possible?  I have no idea!  For Lunch, I am having soup.  I am not a calorie counter, so soup makes it easy.  It is right there on the can.  If you get a Lite Soup, you can eat the whole can and it is only 120 -140 calories.  And dinner, Big salads, minimum salad dressing, a small portion of meat and low calorie vegetables, like Broccoli, Carrots, Green Beans, Cabbage.  Cooked with no Sugar, No Cheese, No Butter.  I KNOW....What you are thinking....But I haven't missed it.  I have NOT had my favorite Baked Potatoes, leaking with Butter, but I have had a few Baked Sweet Potatoes with not so much butter.  Did you catch what I said......Butter, not Margarine.  Another thing that I am working on changing.  Butter is made from Milk, Margarine from Fat.  YUCK!

I continue to do my exercises like I discussed in an earlier post. BUT, after this past weekend, I have decided that I have to walk more.  My husband and I went to a going away party.  We did the schottische dance (I looked up the spelling) and about 2/3's of the way thru, I could hardly breath. We use to (20 years ago) do 3 of these back to back.  Wow!  So this week, I have gone back to walking....I wish I could jog, but I have a knee that just will not take it.  I use to walk all the time and at the time, I said, I would never stop.  Well, life happens, and I get distracted.

Update, on the weight.....I am a few pounds thinner, and my clothes are fitting better.  Hey, I am in the smallest of the same size jeans that are in my closet.

I would love to hear what lifestyle changes that you are working on.

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Neighbor, David, LOL!

If you have read any of my post, you probably know, that we have a second home in Hot Springs, AR.  We have a couple of nice neighbors, but David, gets the BEST Neighbor award.  We are out in a rural area and don't have many neighbors that are real close. But, David lives right at the end of our street, and was the first to come by to meet us.

 He walks daily by the house and does some work for our neighbors across the way, so he always keeps an eye on our place.  Some of things that David has done for us.  He trapped a racoon that had dug under our foundation and was living under the house.  He went in, after the power had been out for days and just checked on everything.  But....this one takes the cake.......!  I can't believe he didn't call me!

Let me led up to how he finally told me what he had done.  We had gone over on Friday for the races, and while Bob was out walking the yard, he noticed, NO.......another varmit had dug under the foundation again.  So, I sent David a text to let him know and to ask what he had used to bait the trap.  I told him that we would set the trap up that evening and see if we got lucky.  He said he was leaving town for a week, so if we didn't get him, that he would set the trap back up when he got home.   We set the trap, Friday night, but no catch. So, we are on our way back home and David calls and ask if we got him.  I said "No." David says he will get him when he gets back from some training that he is attending.  Then, he says, "I've got a little funny story to tell you."  I am like ok.  He tells me that someone had dumped a bunch of Christmas boxes down in our far driveway.  Left them nice and neat in a stacked pile.  I am thinking....Really?  He continues to say, one of the boxes is a boot box that had been shipped to this guy.....Name, address.....and he is only a couple of blocks away.  So.....what does the Best Neighbor do?  He loads the boxes up and returns them to the guy and stacks them out by his garbage cans with the boot box on top.  He then knocks on the door.  By now,  I am Laughing out loud and hitting the car seat with my hand.  My husband is looking at me like I am crazy.  And I am thinking, OMG, what did David say to him.  Then, I hear David say that the guy wasn't home.
I would have LOVED to seen the look on that guys face when he saw that his boxes had reappeared.  I mean really, why did he just not burn them.  Any way, I ask David, what is your favorite beer and he says anything not Lite.  I tell him that he will be finding a case on his porch.  And, of course he tells me that it isn't necessary, that we would watch over him too.  Which is true!  Next trip, a case of beer and a sign, Best Neighbor Award will be delivered.  Everyone needs a David......

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


     Another, New Years resolution for many of you.  Go on a Diet. I have been on a diet all my life!

     I have watched my weight, all my life.  When, I was 18 and weighed 120, in my 20's,125 lbs, then a divorce in 1989, I got down to 115.  First time ever, I didn't have a bubble butt. (This is not a recommended diet) Then, in my 30's, 130lbs. But, even with keeping an eye on it, I have gained weight over the years. Your body changes and you have to change the way you eat.  I use to say, I can eat whatever I want.  But, that didn't mean that I really ate whatever I wanted.  I ate what I wanted in moderation......If I wanted a cookie, I would have 2-3 cookies, not half a bag, a piece of cake, not a quarter of the cake.  Now, at age 50, I eat less than I ever have in my life and can pack on a few pounds in a day.  My weight can fluctuate 5 lbs from one given day to the other.  So, I try not to get to hung up on the scale. But, I do weigh daily.  I have one size of jeans in my closet, and if they get snug, I have to do something about it.  I am not purchasing a new, bigger size.....I might grow into to them.  I have always had a FEAR of being overweight.  Five pounds is easier than taking off 10+.  With our second child I struggled getting the last 10lbs off, even as active as I was. So, it seems, I have been watching 5lbs all my life.  If I got 5lbs over my desired weight, I got it off......But somehow, I have packed on 5lbs x 4 over the years.......Yikes, kinda hard to type that!

So, what am I doing now.......I am not Dieting......I am changing the way I eat.  I don't say, "I am on a Diet," I feel negative, when I say that.  I feel that saying "I am changing the way I eat," is positive. Positive energy is a good thing.  I say, "I wish to be thinner," Not, "I have to loose some weight."

I have many friends that have been fighting cancer for the last couple of years, so I looked up the Cancer Diet.  One of the biggies, Sugar & Processed foods is cancer culprits. Sugar feeds cancer. Other diets suggest cutting these out of your diet as well.  I have also read your body does not know the difference between sugar and sugar replacements. Bummer, Right? I also looked up, Eating for Your Blood Type.  One thing this diet says for Blood Type 0, is that White Potatoes, put weight on you and Corn causes arthritis.  I have noticed in the past, that cutting out the potatoes, helped me to lose weight.  I don't know what diet this comes from, But it says, "Don't eat anything that you feed your livestock to fatten them for market."

So, I stated, "I wish to be thinner." What am I doing different?

 I use to drink a ton of Diet Coke. I didn't think that I could give them up.... I don't even really know when it happened, but I quit drinking them.  Now, I really don't care for them.  I only have a Coke with my Crown Royal.  I drink water. Your body gets use to something and sends you signals for another and another. The body gets in a habit or mine does.....If, I had a Little Debbie's Brownie with a Diet Coke about 9am, Tomorrow, I would want one around 9am.  (This use to be breakfast.) If I have a Crown & Coke around 5pm today, Tomorrow, I will want one....that doesn't mean I will, but I have the urge.  In the mornings, what do you think of?  I have to have my coffee, then another cup.  I was having two Big Cups of French Vanilla Cappuccino. That was with 3 heaping Tablespoons in each one.  Now, I am having One regular cup with 2 Tablespoons. Bottom line, you can consume a whole lot of calories, and sugar replacements in a days time.

What, I am eating different?  I am just trying to be conscious of what I eat......I am not huge on chips, cookies or candy.   Oh, I didn't say that I don't like them or even love them. But, I just don't...just occasionally, like with Mexican, Special occasions, Cake.  If, I could eat them and not put on pound, I would and have in the past, when I was younger.  Now, here is the biggie on sweets & chips.  My family eats them every day.  My husband of 21 years has maybe gained 10lbs during our marriage.  We get in the car to go somewhere, he wants to know, what is in the car to snack on.  It is a wonder that I am not any bigger than I am. He will get Ice Cream at night and sit down next to me on the couch.  Yep, I love Ice Cream, but rarely eat it.

I do Love Food!  All diets, say eat 5-6 times a day.  Really? I use to eat only twice a day.  I have never been a big breakfast person, except on vacations & weekends. But, now, I eat a bowl of Mini Wheats, a bowl of Oatmeal, or maybe an egg with toast in the morning.  They say this is important for your metabolism.  Then your suppose to have a snack, lunch, a snack, supper.  Whew, I am not there on that.  I have tried to start eating more apples or other fruits.  For lunch, I try to stay under 200 calories.  Soup is a really good option here.  And, for Supper.  Portion control, No Seconds....Nope I didn't say the seconds don't happen sometimes, but I try to refrain.  Thinking, "I want to be thinner."  I use to eat a LOT of Baked potatoes, Love them.  I switched to Sweet Potatoes. When, we have gone out to eat, always a baked potato with my meal.  The last time that we dined out, I had broccoli instead.  I am just trying to change things up, a little at a time and I hope it helps in the long run.

 Today, Jan 22, 2013, I am 50 years old, 5'5" and weigh 144 lbs. I always put on several pounds in the winter.  I try to stay around 140 and would love to be 135 lbs.  My jeans are comfortable, but 140- is my goal. So, I wish you good luck with your diet and I would love to hear your story.  Feel free to make comments and let me know what you have going on.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Ramble

Gosh, we have had a couple of beautiful days here in TN.  It makes me hunger just that much more for Spring.  We actually spent quite a bit of time outside over the weekend.  My husband worked up in our Storage Barn moving equipment around and pushing up loose dusty hay in a pile to be carried off to a ditch on a dryer day.  I worked in some of my flower beds and pruned up some bushes.  It felt great and is great exercise.

Over the weekend, I actually opened our Christmas present from my parents, a Miter Saw.  It is one those big fancy ones.  Now, it sitting on my work bench (a ping pong table) waiting for me to decide on my next project.  My husband had also gotten me a miter saw as one of my presents, so I am excited to be taking that one back and picking out something else that I need.  If this weather will hold out, I will come up with something to be working on.  It is pretty cozy in my garage, but if is 30 degrees outside, I have trouble motivating.

And on another NOTE.  If you are working on something, that you would like to show off.  Send me pictures with instructions and I would happy to add it to my blog.

Now, I've got to run, and finish balancing the checkbook, cleaning off my desk and work on some Taxes.  SURE is pretty outside......Oh the distractions.....I may have to take another break shortly and take the dog for a walk.  She needs her exercise and I do too!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tip of the Day - Exercise

I know many of you have made a resolution to exercise more, go to the gym, or walk.....And soon you will most likely Quit! The gym is great, but when I was going that was an hour and half + of my day.  I live in the country, so a gym is 15-20 minutes away.   I applaud those that have an exercise plan and stick to it.  But, if it is pretty outside, I want to ride horses or garden.  (That is exercise)  The winter is more my problem.......SO.... My TIP, exercise when you can:

Example:  When I let the dogs out.......Do squats
                  Waiting on the microwave to heat my water......Do Leg Lifts
                  Fixing my hair........Step side to side
The house dogs need exercise Too.....Take them for a walk around the block.  I walk up and down my driveway.  Four times is a mile and walking briskly you can do it in 18 - 20 minutes. 

Fidget -. 1. To behave or move nervously or restlessly. 2. To play or fuss; fiddle: He fidgeted with his notes while lecturing. 

Yep, Fidget.....It burns calories.  If you sit at a desk a lot, move your legs and tighten your butt muscles.  You can do this in a car too, on trips, waiting.....on kids to come out of school, waiting for the light to turn green.  I am fidgeting right now, as I type this up :) 

***I noticed the picture that I had posted of the exercise disappeared, so I will try to explain.
Lay down with your butt about 4-6 inches from the wall, you legs will be up the wall.  Place you feed on the wall and lift you bottom off the floor.  This is a great exercise to work your butt, you legs & stomach.  You can really feel it working.  I change positions of my feet on the wall to more straight, open like the splits and down lower, almost like your sitting in a chair.  By changing feet placement, I can feel different muscles being targeted.  I will do about 100 of these. Sorry the pictures was worth a thousand words.

While your watching TV in the evening, Get some 3 or 5 lb weights to work your arms. Lay in the floor and do crunches, leg lifts, &  push-ups. 

The POINT is, Just because you don't have an hour a day to Commit to exercising, does not mean you can not work exercising into your daily schedule.   Do Not feel defeated, Just do it when you can.

Have A GREAT Day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mosaic stones

The weather here, has been a bit on the nasty side.  I just haven't had the desire to do projects, although I have things that I need to work on, ......Taxes....:( .....a quilt that I started years ago, and my mom found it her closet, now it is sitting on my loveseat, Waiting......, Cover some pillows.....Go to the Horse Races, Yep that is what I want to do!  Enough rambling....I  belong to a Garden Group page on Facebook and a lady showed some pictures of some Mosaic stones that she was working on.  I asked if she would share her instructions and pictures.  She was happy to do so, So here they are! Fabulous! Thanks Christine!

Instructions are below the pictures...


There’s a wealth of information on mosaics out there, in books and online, and I used a lot of it. My project is in-process. I have not yet grouted the stones, and they have not been placed outside to withstand the test of time and weather. But I did extensive research and am confident they will. However, you will have to look elsewhere for grouting technique. The house number mosaic, and to a lesser extent the bird mosaic, look almost finished without grout. But the other mosaic stepping stones are obviously incomplete without the grout. Can’t wait to see what they look like when they are finished. I don’t think I saw any ungrouted mosaics in my research. Let me know if this is helpful to anyone.

-tile nippers (about $13 online)
-safety glasses (USE THEM!)
-broken dishes, tiles, beads, ??
-100% silicon
-12” x 12” concrete pavestone (I got mine at Home Depot for about $1.50 ea.)
-weatherproof grout (hard to find, but I found some at Lowe’s: SpectralLOCK Stainproof grout. Had to read all the labels, since the guys who worked there and at Home Depot were not much help).

I’d been collecting broken dishes for years and wanted to finally use them in mosaics. My friend, Lisa had been making mosaics for a while and lent me her tile nippers, several books on mosaics, and lots of advice. She’s great like that.
I also did a lot of research because Lisa had not made mosaics for outdoors, and I wanted to be sure to get weather-proof adherent and grout. Another friend found out the hard way that if you don’t use weatherproof adherent and grout, the mosaics will fall apart if left outside. I kept seeing and hearing about “thinset” but didn’t end up using it, because all the labels I read did not say it was for exterior mosaics.
I decided on 100% silicon because of several online testimonials, the most memorable one was by someone who does pool mosaics and uses it. 100% is apparently important - they say mold will grow in the acrylic additives in some silicon.

You can simply take and/or cut random tile/dish pieces and place them around in an abstract design that pleases you. You can leave as much space between the pieces as you choose.
It’s probably easiest to start out with an abstract design. I’ve made 2.
Lay the pieces out on the concrete stone. Move them around until you like what you see.
Then use the 100% silicon to glue the pieces down one by one.

If you want to make a stepping stone with representational imagery, find or make a design you want to use. Transfer it to the stone. Then cut the pieces of tile/dishes to fit within the outlines of the design.
For numbers I realized that it made a stronger design if you use a dramatic value contrast between the numbers and the surrounding space. Strong value or color contrast is a good thing to keep in mind for any designs.
A border is an easy way to unify a design.