Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hathorn Hall - MS State University

This post is about 4 months late, but I still wanted to share my daughters living arrangements this year.  Another year in a dorm, but this is a soriety dorm.  Her hall is all Delta Gamma Girls.  Kinda the same set up as last year, but having her friends on the same hall has made it a lot of fun!  The soriety girls moved in over week earlier than everyone else, because they  had to prepare for rush.  Someone really did not think this out well.  Move in was at 3pm for the entire dorm to move in.....all 5 floors.  Guess what floor we had to move stuff to?  Yes, floor 5!  Thank goodness for the volunteers, about 4 of them hit the stairs with their arms full.  We took the elevator with full arms and someone still had to make another trip down.

She had about 1 hour to help and then she had to be back at the Soriety house for a meeting......That is all I have to say about that.  Basically, I did everything, but she didn't want me to hang any pictures...Get the picture?  LOL!  This is why the post is so LATE!

 Sorry....I didn't take a picture of the whole room.  But we turned the beds, so the girls could sit and lean against the wall. The chest and Refrigerator are between the beds.  We raised her bed almost the maximum height and used a sheet for a bed shirt.  She can hide lots of stuff under there.  She has one of those 3 drawer plastic storage containers for snacks, first aid, medicine, and etc under the bed and out the way....and who knows what else.  Last year, both girls had the same bedding, but a new roommate this year.  The new roommate has grey bedding and used pops of coral and blue, so it works!

 This is how I left it......

I did arrange some things on her desk and got the pictures out....Who knows how long it stayed just like this.  The first couple of weeks for the soriety girls is crazy and exhausting.

Room layout
 The TV is set in one the upper cabinets and then the cords are snaked down.  The other mom was going to take care of getting cords attached and hooked up to the cable.

 She wanted more pillows for the bed....I wonder how often it really gets made up and looks cute with the pillows, but moms usually try to please.  We couldn't find anything that we really liked, so I made some.  I am not a seamstress!  My mom is, but I never could get the hang of it.  I could cut out my own patterns for purses, but couldn't make those sew today and wear tomorrow patterns for dresses....LOL!  She needed some more color, besides, blue and corral.  She had a few yellow accessories, so we added yellow in pillows.
Delta Gamma's symbol is an Anchor

I think I did pretty good!  I printed an Anchor off the internet for a pattern.  I used the two sides fusible stuff to iron it onto the fabic and then used embroidery thread around the edges and for the rope.  I even put cording around the outside.

A small one with a painted on anchor.

SO, I finally got a picture of those pillows on the bed and some pictures hung.  She was hang her picture board at the head of her bed, guess it is hiding underneath.

For those of you getting ready to move into a dorm....I hope this post may help you.