Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pictures/Wall Decor

I have been working on redoing my office a bit.  A little board.  As, I am always saying, One project usually leads to another.  After, the wall gallery was created and  a different picture was brought down to hang above my desk,  I decided that I had grown tired of the blue mats around these pictures. I am not tired of the pictures just the mats and frames.....

 This morning, I decided I was taking them apart, painting the mats and to darken up the frames. I had no idea if painting the mat was going to mess them up, but the last time I shopped mats, the selection was small.  So, I went for it!
Kinda looks like wood....

First, I painted the mats with some craft paint, then I brushed a darker stain over the frames.  This did darken them, but I wanted more.  I took some black paint and painted into the grooves, (one side at a time) and immediately wiped off leaving paint in the grooves.

 I like how they turned out!

While, we are one picture frames.  I have painted a bunch of them.  Why throw them out, when a little paint can make them different.

 Just a can of spray paint! Good bye Brass!

 I sanded this frame to reveal some red & black...Who knew?

 Just some of the many wood frames that I have....I painted and added some pictures that I took

A little moss glued on.

 The black frame (Left) was just like one above and I added onto it and painted.

What kind of projects have you done?

Monday, November 18, 2013

An Afternoon in Hot Springs, AR

One of my favorite places, Hot Springs, AR.  I love the mountains, the lakes, the racetrack, the history and love downtown.  This is suppose to be a Vacation I want to feel like I am on a vacation and explore new things.  I am always in search of something we haven't seen.  Saturday was a beauty and we decided to get out for a drive.

We headed downtown and checked out a new store that I had found on the internet, Casa Bella. Cute interior decor! Check them out:

Then, we headed North.....On Central. past The Arlington, and swung a left onto Whittington Ave, passing the ghostly, The Majestic on the right.  We had know idea what was out this way, just driving.  We passed Tiny Town, entered into the National Park, did a turn around, saw where the Alligator Farm is and then we went up W Mountain Summit Dr. into the National Park.

The look out tower on the other mountain.

I am not a hiker, But if you ARE....there are a lot of hiking trails right in downtown.

Then, we went downtown to walk.  I had heard that one of the bath houses, Hale Bath House, that was closed was now selling crafts from local artist. Check them out if your in town or go to their facebook page.

I was thirsty, so we crossed the street and wandered into The Ohio Club.  A Tiny bar, It is maybe 20' wide, but a Bar it is and the oldest in Hot Springs.  It is said that it is the only remaining saloon that is still open of the original illegal casinos.  Some famous people have been in this bar, the likes of Mae West, Al Jolson, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Babe Ruth, Bill Clinton, Al Capone, Frank Costello.  Yes, Hot Springs has a wicked history. The bar itself is an awesome piece of work.   It was bought in OH, shipped down the Mississippi to Memphis, put on a train to Malvern, AR, then a special cart was made to haul it to Hot Springs, pulled by horses.  Then, they had to take the front of the building off, to get it in. 

Ohio Club, 336 Central, Hot Springs
Across from the Bath Houses

The mirror is showing its age. but still a beauty.

Look at those horses, Tin Ceiling and Light Fixtures.

The Hubs...
  We ordered a Sausage and Cheese plate.  And, I had a Cold Beer! Of course, I forgot to take a picture before we had eaten a good portion of it.

Yum and a Large Plate.  We ate it all!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wall Gallery

Have you ever looked at Wall Galleries?  I have spent a lot of time on and  looking at them.  Some use like frames all in the same size, same color, same mat, others use a modge podge of things, different colors of things, mirrors with frames, frames without pictures, only mirrors....the possibilities are endless.........

I had grown tired of one the walls in my office.  I wanted to add a bit of color and beef up some frames.  Thus, a project began.  I am going to show before and after first, then if you feel like reading all the way thru, then you are more than welcome.  I just don't want to bore you....This project cost me almost nothing.  I bought 2 Picture frames.  I had scrap wood, horse shoes and paint!

 Before, and I had already taken one frame off the wall and had it out in the shop adding to it, beefing it up.  Yes, that is a fuse box, can't do anything about it, but paint it.

 After....First I darkened up the stripes on the wall. There were some there, but you can't really see then in the picture.  The horse shoes are from horses that we buried and that is their hair too.  Some may find that strange....  The wood that I have them hanging on is Pallet wood. The two pictures to the left are pictures of these horses and ponies.  I added two more pictures after I had taken this one to balance out around the Barrel Racer.

These guys were real special to us....They usually come here and stay here.  We have buried more than we have sold.....
I think they make pretty wall art!
Bomber broke a leg...
Saint, got hit by lightening...:)
  Whizz, had breakfast and then must have had a heart attack. 

Lucky went blind and after she ran over me, then into a wall, we decided it would be best to put her down.  Pistol had some kind of strange abcess in his gut, and after weeks of medication, many times of day, just didn't make it.

 The Black frame was just like the one above it and I cut wood to make the frame thicker.  I am going to darken up the frame above it as well.

 The top right picture Was sitting below the TV.  I painted Black Paint on the frame and then wiped it off.  Got rid of the Honey Oak.  Same thing with the frame with the white mat.

 I brought this picture down from upstairs and put it over my desk.  

If you want to see pictures on how I how I added to the picture frame, they are below:

 I just glued the wood onto the frame, leave the back open so you can your picture back in.

Monday, November 11, 2013


How do you learn?  Answer.....Usually, when something happens to you.....This post will not be of interest to most.  But, if you pull any type trailer on a regular basis or Don't put much mileage on your car....It may be a worth while read.

We barrel race and pull a 4 horse trailer with Living Quarters.  We had the tires rotated and bearings greased recently.  There was one tire that was worn more than the others and that bothered us a bit.  We carry Two spare tires, because they are 14 ply and they can't just be found anywhere when out on the road.  We were getting ready to go to the Lucky Dog Barrel race in Searcy, AR.  So, we decided to take the one tire off and put one of the spares on.  The spare has never been on anything...  That spare lasted.....almost 2 1/2 hours, when we heard a POP!  We could NOT believe it was the spare.  We put on the other spare.  That spare tire made it to Searcy, (about 30 mins) and then almost another hour on the way home.  POP! Are you kidding me!  Neither time were we in a great place to be changing a tire that was on traffic side.  Guess What?  The tire that we originally pulled off the trailer, got put back on.  Before, we took off again....I prayed!  We didn't have another spare and it was Sunday.

So, this morning I decided to Google, How long do tires last?   The articles that I found explained that a tire might Age Out, before the Treads Wear Out.  So, that spare that has never seen pavement, may not be any good!  Our spares were brand new in my eyes and most every other person that hasn't read up on tires.

The articles tell how to the read all those numbers on a tire.  One of those numbers is a DOT number. The entire DOT number may be on only ONE side of the tire.  Our spare had OJ 21XA4 4308.  The last four digits are the ones of interest.  They tell when your tire was made.  Our tire was made the 43rd week of 2008.  According to some of the articles tires should not age out till 6-10 years with proper maint.  But, then you have to add in all the other factors, the sun, dry rot, heat, elements.... ..So, for some reason, I am feeling a little cheated. What happened to 6 - 10 years? Those tires were not in the sun, not in the heat, (trailer is kept in a garage) the elements were min,  BUT neither lasted a trip.  A man that we know that sells tires, said you should replace your tires every five years regardless....

Now, we need spares and the tires on the trailer were bought May 2010.  We are about to get all new tires and use the three good ones taken off the trailer for spares... Ain't nobody got time for a Flat when on a trip with horses!

Safe Travels and Check the tire year out on your trailer tires and SPARE!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Junk to Garden Art

I found this little jewel, where else but my mom's driveway.  They are moving to Arkansas and they had been throwing stuff out.  I said, "If you don't love it, Don't take it with you."  My parents had already gone back to the their other home. And, I can't remember why, but my oldest had left her truck there and I was dropping her off.  I almost didn't pick it up and she said, "I can't believe you are not getting that."  So, I did with no idea what the heck I was going to do with it.  I didn't have the stand that it came off of...

I used some glue and just glued that little fan right back on.....still no idea what I was doing with it.  Then, I decided that I was going to paint it, Brown center, yellow petals, and green fan, like a sunflower.  Still no plan.  And, I didn't spend a lot of prep time.  I just knocked the off the loose stuff with a putty knife.  When, I started spray painting it...I noticed some shape on the metal, like flower petals and a leaf.  What the heck...I had no idea.  Any way I was painting it in the yard by this tree.  When it was dry, I moved it over there, just so it was out of the way.  We ride horses, and it doesn't happen often or even once a year, but sometimes, one will get loose and it is a no brainer, they would run right into it and cut themselves.  It found it's purpose.....Garden Art!

 I took my mom out there, when she was here visiting and asked about it looking like petals and a leaf.  She confirmed that was how it had been painted.  Then, she said, "I am so jealous, I just couldn't see it being anything, but a windmill...." I told her she could take it home and put it her garden, but she declined and I am happy to keep it.
I think next year it is going to be cute there with some other flowers!