Thursday, September 26, 2013


Organizing can be so boring....unless you have a cute project to go along with it........But I didn't!  I have one those corner cabinets in my kitchen....that a child could disappear into.  The kind that there is stuff back there that you don't EVEN remember you own, because you are not going to dig for it!  I was a little grumpy one day this week and it felt like it was good time to see what was long forgotten in the dark corner of that shelf....I have no idea how those two go together. LOL!

I can't BELIEVE all the Stuff that was in there.  This is Boring, but it took several pictures to show everything!

Here is the cabinet in question! and some of the stuff...

Cake Pans, haven't decorated a cake in years!

Don't need that Pan, the Ice Crusher is going to the other  house for the Bar.

A Nice Silver Bowl, that was way back in there.

Party Bowls and Platters
There was a Dining room table full of STUFF to.....that pink bag, full of cake decorating stuff, punch bowls, crystal platters, insulated casserole carrier.

You know one thing leads to another.....It Always does!  I put those Christmas Platters and Bowls back into the dark corner.  Those are a once of year thing.  Then, I put the small appliances that use on a Regular basis right there in easy reach.

But...What about all those cake pans, silver bowl, punch bowl and lord I don't remember what else...

I have this pantry under the stairs in a Closet.  We had custom Drawers made for it way back when we had the kitchen done.  You know how drawers are...They are notorious for just opening up and collecting stuff, that you really don't need.  YIKES! Since, I still had stuff all over the counters, it was time to see where else I could get some room.

All is good until you open those drawers.
Lunch boxes...How many do I need, not even One now.

Koozies, candy molds, cake decorating books

Ice Cream buckets, never know when you need a bucket.
 Let the organizing begin, everything went into the floor....I will NOT show you a picture..

All those Cake Pans, Decorating Books, Cooling Plates, tips went into one drawer.
 I was thinking,,,I don't have to do the full blown cake decorating to USE the different shaped pans.  I have been hoarding this stuff for Years. Now they easy to get to.  If I don't use then in the next year, I will get rid of it.  Everything that I don't use. It is taking up a whole drawer. 
 More Cake stuff, Punch bowl, nice crystal platters, Platters, Silver bowl.....I am excited to be able to open a drawer, reach in and get them, instead of climbing into Dark Places.

I hope that I didn't bore you! I felt like I had accomplished something for the day.  And Yes, I did throw some stuff out!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Western Decor

Yesterday, I was thinking that I have shown you the outside of The Barnominium, but nothing inside.  Don't get to excited...LOL!  No full room pictures, just some pictures of some of the western decor.  So, this blog is short and sweet, not much to talk about, just a lot of pictures!

Bri's Bedroom
From one of our horses, that is running in greener pastures

This is wallpaper and then I painted around it to make it look rustic.

A graduation gift, A jewelry hanger, using the horse shoe nails.
Megan's Bedroom
 A shadow box that I put together with SOME of my oldest daughters buckles.

 I Painted the Red Canvas with star and it has upholstery brads around the edge.

 I love this picture!  We found it at the Quarter Horse Congress.

 My Mom made the frame for this picture.

 These are in the stairwell.

My parents brought these from Mexico for a Christmas Present..

 My mom made these for me!

 I made this pillow cover.

 A friend made these for me years ago.

I Love this table.  I found it in the Classifieds some years ago.  An elderly lady had it and her husband had made the table from a wagon wheel that had come off her grandfathers wagon.  No telling how old this is!  My brother cut the glass for me.

 This sign has nothing to do with wine.  I just like it.  And it looks like I need to make a trip to the winery...
???Room, I don't know. It is a pass thru area, Eat-in area, drop off area.

Bought at the AQHA Congress.
Extra room...Game room, tanning bed, stuff 

 Just a basket stuffed with moss and a Christmas ornament hanging on the horn.

My Office....
 My mom made this shelf and we branded it with a solder tool.

I have this cactus in my office.  On dreary winter days, I plug it in.

The down stairs Bathroom....

I hope you have enjoyed.  Do you have any great western decor that you would like to share?
PS: I have NO western decor in the Master, Master Bath, Girls Bath or their makeup room.  That would be Over Kill!  This may be!