Thursday, May 16, 2013

Painting A Concrete Porch

Life has been a little crazy around here... Prom, Graduation (oldest got her Masters), Party....   Now, TODAY is the DAY that our youngest Graduates from High School.  OM goodness, what will I do! Then her party is on Sunday.  You know....A party will put your butt in gear to refresh and clean up! 

The front porch was starting to need a new paint job last year, but we were so busy with the Vacation house, I guess that I just didn't do it.  But, We are having a party and people are coming over, so I knocked it out!

IT didn't Look this BAD!  First, I cleaned it with some soap and water.  Then, I used a scraper to knock the loose paint off.  But, when I took the water hose to it with some pressure the paint started coming off every where. 

See, it only flaked in a couple of areas.
                  If you are painting concrete, Make sure you get concrete paint.

Update 1/2018 I think I have painted this porch again since this!  The paint held up really well on the back patio.  It is a rougher finish and in full sun.  I have since painted this porch again, several years ago and It has bubbles all over it this winter!  I don't know if it is the high water table, or the fact it has condensation.  I can tell you this, I am sick of it!!!  I may need to clean it and put a sealer on it......I really do not know, but this is not working.  Last time I painted a border a cute Rust/Red star in the middle.  I think I would really, really like outdoor tile.

Fresh! But now I couldn't put these tables back on my porch, looking like this!  I know....they look pretty bad.  Amazing that they look so weathered, being under a porch.

I decided to only paint the top.  I didn't have any red paint....can't believe that, but I did have some White Exterior.  First, sand the tops and get dirt and loose paint off.

This one was fun, Not really.
I like them!
Sanded around the edges a bit, to let the red show thru.

In this picture, you can see the rope tying the tree to a post on the porch.  I talked about this in my post, To Much Rain".   That tree and another one had started leaning really bad, so I tied both of them off.  I hope that they are going to be ok!

I think the front porch is ready for the Party!  Now, I have to finish cleaning up the Garage.... - Game Room.  It has a Ping-Pong table in it.  I will be posting pictures!

Do YOU need help with some projects that you really don't want or have the time to do?  Call me!  After all....What will I that our youngest is graduating?