Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Boy it is Cold!

I am so over this weather!  I am just so happy that I don't live further North and that we do have a nice warm home.  This morning I said a little prayer for all those having to work out in these bitter temperatures, those that have to stay bundled up in their homes, because they can't afford to keep it real warm and for god help the homeless. For most of us, these bitter temps are just a disconvenience.  We gripe and complain, and I am with you on that one, but I was thinking.....I really don't have a thing to complain about.  We are warm, healthy and have plenty to eat.

So what have YOU been doing in these cold temps?

I have been exercising more...picked up a few of those winter pounds.

I am drinking a ton of water

I am not dieting, but really paying attention to what I eat. I am trying to eat clean.
Eating clean means:
*Cutting out processed foods (not a biggie),  I cook.
*Cut out sugar (I don't crave sugar), but I do like my Sweet Tea (limiting to 1 glass a day)
*Cut out Alcohol (OH we have a problem Houston) That is Just NOT happening.  This girl loves a predinner drink, a little glass of wine (Yes, I think the heart needs a little Red wine), or maybe a Crown & Coke.
*I don't eat anything with DIET on it, period! Those artificial sweetners were killing my joints. Check out my story about that
*I am sure there is more to the Clean diet....

Barn Chores, they just take longer when it is cold.  Carrying hot water out to the barn from the house.

On the to do list....Fix hot water faucet in barn, when it get has a little

Working on the taxes....:( Boring, that is why I am writing this, taking a break.....and thought, well, I need to check in and see what all the bloggers are up to.

I am pulling out a quilt to work on tonight...Yes, I am going to show it to you soon.  I don't really sew and I started this quilt years.......(20+years ago) I know, I know, it was in my moms closet, out of site, out of mind.  She brought it back to me last year.  I would work on it at night.  When it gets warm, I have other things to do.

I am fixing to tear up something....It feels like I have a fan on under my desk, and my desk goes to the floor.  Where is all that air coming from.  My legs are cold, but Maggie (the Blue heeler) doesn't seem to mind.  Her bed is under the desk.

I read just a minute ago, one of the bloggers put those little insulator things under her wall outlets to block any air from coming in.  Has anyone used those?  I got up and felt the ones on the outside walls vs the inside walls.  There may be a bit of air coming thru.  Which gets me to thinking.   My office floor is just the concrete slab and is on an outside wall.  I wonder if all this air is coming out from under the baseboards.  I am about run some silicone (I have to see if I have some) across the bottom and see if it helps.

Hubs is home, I need to look busy!  LOL!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are up to!