Paint a Rustic Door, Door Projects

 Most of these doors are in our house in Arkansas.  All the doors in the house were White with stained trim.  And, the closet door in the entry houses a hot water heater.  I wanted something different.  This is what I came up with.
This door thou, is in the Barnominium
These are in the AR house.....

     This is what I call a dry brush technique. I don't know what anyone else calls it.  I did not paint the entire door first.  I used two colors of brown, one darker than the other, in a Satin or semi-gloss.  This is not rocket can not mess it up....It is just paint... If you get one area to dark....Just let it dry and then go back over it with the lighter color. Or, just wipe it off.

Ok, but how do you do it?  I mixed a little glaze in with paint, about 1/3 to paint ratio.  It doesn't take much paint to do these doors. I had lots of paint because we were painting the whole house. So I poured what I was using into a bowl with glaze.  So, Guessing, I would say a quart of paint will do a lot of doors.

I used a 3 " brush.  BARELY dip the end of brush into the paint, then dab off excess on newspaper.  Then you lightly brush over the door. You want streaks, You are not trying for complete coverage, because your going rustic.  You can see white in places on my doors.  After this drys.  Then do the same thing with the darker color. The thing with this, each door is one of kind, your not going for perfect.

We also changed out all the hardware to brushed nickel.

This One, I did in Green.  It is on the other end of the house, off of a guest bedroom.

The Front Entry, some houses don't have a an entry,  some have a small one, and some are Grand! I don't have Grand at either home.  The Barnominium has none, the front door comes right into my office, but I do have a coat closet near by.  Our AR home has a small entry, with a hot water heater in the coat closet.  Again, what were these people thinking?  There is a Huge closet off the hallway that would have held the water heater and still allowed for a ton of storage. So, today's post is what to do with not having a coat closet.  Right, Throw all the guests coats on the bed, that has always worked.  But, I did come up a solution to hold a few things.

 I needed something for guest to hang their coats, well ours too.  I have always loved hall trees.  I thought about purchasing one and putting it in front of the door to just hide it.  I did shop around a bit, but then I had a idea.....I would just make the door look like a hall tree, so I painted it.  Black of course, I had some on hand from doing the kitchen and multiple other things.  Then I used the Dry Brush Technique and add two colors of brown to make it more rustic.  I added two coat hooks. Then, I needed a bench or table to finish the look.....

I added brown to the trim after the picture.

 We had an old hollow core door up in the barn.  It had bugged me for years, that we had not returned it for a refund.  So, I decided to cut it up and make a table.  This is not the best route, because it is HOLLOW. So I had to cut some filler boards and glue them in, (where I would be using screws)  so I could put the table together.   After the table was together, more trim to cover up hollow areas.  Now, if you going to do this.....and you having to purchase a door, get a solid one.  I just had this laying around and wanted it out of the barn.

Painted to match the door.
And here it is all put together.....