Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thank YOU!

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone that follows or visits my blog.  This month, the blog hit the 10,000 mark since I started writing.  Oct has already had 2333 hits, which is an all time high for a month and Sept had over 1900 hits.  I feel like maybe I am doing something right.....

I have so much material on the site now, that I am going to start looking at ways to simplify things.  On, other blogs, when you click on page, Say DIY, there are all these little links that you can view and click on the ones that interest you.  I've looked at the Linky site, but just really don't understand how it works.  Whew.....I am not computer smart.  Maybe, I should take a computer class.  But, I have been so busy with projects that I just haven't seemed to have the time.  But, with COLD weather in the forecast, it should work into my schedule soon.

Thanks Again for visiting me!  Please feel free to comment on things that you like, what you would do different, if you have done the same project, any hints.  I would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pallet Table

I was on a roll this week with wood and pallet projects.  I needed a table for a hallway, so I made this one.  I made a Magazine/End table, this Table and a shelf out of two pallets.  I have part of pallet still left, but the wood is pretty bad. The tops, shelves and some trim were scraps.

Measures 42" long x 29 1/2" tall x 14 1/4" deep
 The hallway is kinda dark, so I thought COLOR!  Pictures really do not do justice.  The top of this table is FABULOUS!

 One end/side, add screws to make it more stable.  I added a piece of wood horizontal across the cut end, that is the bottom of legs

 Then I flipped it on its top and secured a piece of wood under top braces to hold the ends in place.  I then checked to make sure it was sitting level.  And I added the cross pieces.  I am not going to show you the back, because it isn't perfect. But, from the front, it looks good.  Use SCREWS and then if you have to take something back apart, it is easy.....

 Then, I added the bottom shelf and YIKES my table got uneven.  I haven't done many wood projects by myself, much less using pallets.  This is why I said, "Use Screws." I took the cross pieces back off and table was still uneven.  I was still scratching my head when hubs got home.  It took him about two seconds to realize that the wood pieces that I had attached the shelf to were not level.  It was level on top, but not on the bottom.  @@@ I said this is the same pallet, DUH, it is a pallet and they are not measuring and leveling when they put these together.  I won't make that mistake again.  The right side was lower than the left, so we used a piece of wood to shim it up.  Perfect, I was finally ready to finish putting it back together.

I then put the trim pieces down the front and the TOP last.  Yep, I have made that mistake, measuring and cutting the top piece before all trim is on and then not having any hang over on the front and sides.  I used all pallet wood except the shelf and top.  The shelf is out of (2) 1"x6" and the top is(2) 2" x 8"

 Love this....adds character, where insects drilled/ate out the wood.

 Then, I watered down some White paint and White washed it.  Painted the shelves with Black and before it was dry, I painted on RED.

 Then Turquoise....Let it dry....And Sanded....See the Red

 I wanted a bit more color.  I had beat up the wood to add dings in.  I took an artist brush and dabbed yellow and green into some of those dings and then wiped across it with a damp paper towel.

 Then, I sanded.....again and brushed on a dark stain...and wiped off

 Pictures Really do NOT do justice.

I love how it turned out!  Have you done any Pallet projects?

Don't Lurk.....Leave me a comment or question, so I know that you were here. Thanks for visiting and take awhile to look around.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pallet Projects

 Yep, Pallet Projects are all the Rave!  And of course I have extra on hand, because we use them in the hay barn. The weather has finally cooled and I have a great place to work in...The Garage/Party room (yep it is here on the blog)

 I made a Pallet Bar for a friend awhile back, but haven't made anything for me.  And, I am really wanting an outside BAR.  I had been thinking about those pallets.  I had already cleaned up two of them and they were just sitting around waiting on me.  I was standing there looking at the pallet and it just came to me...yes the light comes on like that for me.   A magazine end table to go at the end of the couch.  At my other home, on one end of the couch there is no room for a standard end table, really no room at all.  So, where does everyone want to sit.....on the other end, so you can put your coffee down on the table.  

So, now my mind is racing!  I get my tape measure and come in the house to measure how tall end tables are and check on the length I need.  I go back out with my measuring tape and pick the one that already is together, almost the way I need it....OMgosh, almost too simple.

I have been reading a lot on pallets lately and did not realize that they were heat treated and chemical treated.  They are stamped to show which treatment that they received.  Mine, did not have anything stamped on them.  I am hoping they were not Chemical treated as they are going in my house.

Checking to see if one section will work for the length needed.
 I had already almost completed Two projects by the time hubby got home.  I had been prying boards off by using a large Screw driver (driving it down behind the planks) with a hammer.  Then, he picked up a scrap piece of board and started doing it this way.  Just go on and cancel your gym membership, if you going to take up building with pallets.
Added screws to make more secure.
I added feet (pallet boards) on the bottom, because this table is narrow and will tip easy.  The boards will slide under the couch.

I used a 6" piece of rough cut cedar to go on the top and to trim out the front.  I love this little tool for straight/square lines.
Top on and front needs a trim piece

I was trying to decide if I wanted to stain completely or go more rustic.  I went for a full coverage

 Here it is Finished and it actually works real well at this house too.  Looks like I may be making another one!
Great place for a coffee cup or a glass, right there in the horseshoe.

I really LOVE it!  My dad called and asked what I was doing.  I said, "I am making tables out of Pallets." and he said, "Really?"  "I guess, I will just have see that....."  They came in town over the weekend and I must say, I think he was impressed!

***And here is where it was designed to be used.  See the door, there is no room for a full size table.  But, now that end of the sofa is getting used.  And, guess what?  That end of the sofa need broken in, feels firmer than the other......

Don't be a Lurker...Let me know what you think about my projects or leave me a question.
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project- Painting, caulking, New Trim

Project- AR house. It has been a two year project and the projects will continue.........

Although it was in good shape when we purchased it, we still want to make it our own.  The front of the house is looking pretty good.  Now that the weather has cooled, it was time to tackle the rotted trim around the exterior windows of the sunroom. We had already decided to put Cedar trim back up to continue the cedar shutter theme. The house has vinyl trim, but the sunroom siding is a wood/composite siding.  I decided it needed a little pop!  I have never really been a green fan, but some of the brick has a green tint to it.  I had gotten some paint chips from Lowes and I picked two colors of green.  Then, I went and had samples mixed up ($3 each) and painted a sample on the wall.  Then it was Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....First, we like the lighter one, then we liked the darker one.  Finally, I picked the darker green.

See the rotted trim
Popped the trim off and started cleaning.
More cleaning
 We found rotted wood, which got Bondo.  Some windows were caulked on one side and not the other.  My husband said, "Did they just get tired....WTHeck?"

See the gaps that were filled...
Caulking begins.....

 We took off a week for this trip, and we knew this was a pretty big project, painting and cutting new trim, BUT I didn't think about all the caulking that may have to be done around the windows before trim and AFTER trim.  If your going to do it, Do It right. 

 My husband and father pre-cut all the trim and marked on the back as to what window and side it was for.  My mom stained and I painted.  Because the cedar was wider than regular trim, we decided to trim out both windows together, with one wide board down the middle. This board had to have width cut off.....That is when they discovered that the windows were off a bit.  The bottom of the windows were not the same width apart as the top of the windows.....Looking back.  We would have stained all the wood first, then put the middle piece in and then cut each trim piece right before it went up.  Even thou they measured, because the windows were not quite square, a few boards came up short.  Oh well, like 3 boards....I will find something to do with them.
One of the boards that came up short, back to the store.
More caulking......But my dad introduced us to this great little package of caulking tools that gives your caulk a great edge.

 Finally, FINISHED!.........Well, now I need to clean the gutters and paint the doors...Now, they really look bad, since everything else is so fresh!  One project always leads to another.

 AND the DECK......OMgosh this is going to be a big project.  It will probably take several trips to get it done.  After all, We have to have some fun when are there...and this time we did too.  This project actually took us, I am going to say 3 full days+....Supplies purchased Tues afternoon, worked all day Wed, Thurs morning, then he went and played golf, and mom & I went junking, all day Friday, it rained on Sat (went for a massage & a great dinner out)...Finished up on Sun morning.  We had good help thru Friday morning, so by ourselves, it would taken longer.
OK, so I have seen that new Restore Deck stuff that puts a solid covering over the deck.  Has anyone used it?  I am thinking about putting that on the deck floor and staining the rails to match the cedar trim.  Of course replacing the lights.  And, I see a pallet bar......

Monday, October 14, 2013

An Old Key Picture

I LOVE Pinterest and Home Talk!   I am pretty creative, but it never ceases to amaze me the things people come up with.  Simple things, like displaying Old Keys in a picture frame.  I do believe I pinned that one to my Pinterest boards.  All the while, thinking where would you ever find some old keys.....

One, of my favorite spots to visit when in Hot Springs, AR is the Central Station Marketplace.  On one such trip, I ran across a box of small keys.  I wanted a ring of them, but he wanted $5 a piece, so I only bought one.  Then, a couple of rows over...Jackpot, a whole ring of Large keys for $10.  Now, I had the keys, I needed a frame.

So...the keys sat....

Then, Southern Junkers ( had a Fall Market with a ton of vendors.  I found the FRAME and just my color....RED with a bit of Turquoise, but no back. Not a problem!

Off to the Hardware store to purchase a thin piece of wood (pictured) for a back and Burlap to cover it with.

Tools needed:  Circular Saw, Square, Pencil...  I am not real comfortable with Saws, but I was determined to do this by myself.  

  I measured out the size needed to fit into the back of frame and cut.....

Then, I used the Spray Adhesive to attach the burlap and the Quick Grip to glue the keys to Burlap/Backing.  On Pinterest, I did not see instructions on How they attached  the keys.....So, I am hoping this Holds!

Hung on the wall and the keys are still in place!
Have you done any key projects?  And, I still have that One small key to do something with....