Monday, December 31, 2012


    Wow, we almost had a white Christmas.  It missed us by a day.  We had several inches here at home in TN, but at our second home in AR, 10" and lost power.   Hot Springs is not suppose to get that kind of snowfall!  The governor declared Arkansas a disaster, because there were over 130,000 homes without power.  We called our neighbor to see if we had power.  He said that we didn't and that the Utilities said it could be days to a week before the power was restored.  Thank goodness, we always turn off our water and open the lines each time we leave.   BUT, I had a freezer full of meat and some of that deer meat.  I can't go to store to replace that and I was afraid that water would start running out of the freezer and ruin our hardwood floors.  So, off we went to Arkansas on Thursday, after Bob got home from work.  Thank goodness it was an uneventful trip, but made for a long day.  The upside, I got some good pictures!

Here at home

                                 The trip over!  I am glad the roads at cleared for the most part.

The farther west we got, the more snow.

I-30 west

On the road to our house.
Our House

Our street
I will have to prune some broken limbs off the Crepe Mrytles.

The neighbors across the street, Beautiful Place!