Tuesday, September 8, 2015

FREE couch, Cheap Fix for Cat damage!

The first year off to college involved getting all the stuff needed for a dorm room.  Last year it just involved getting said stuff back to school and up to the 5th floor.  This year, she got an apartment with a roommate.  So, this summer, I worked on finding furniture on the cheap!

The first item I scored was a FREE couch.  Yeah me!  His cat had done some damage to one of the arms.  

                                                       This is the end of the couch.

 I used a piece of fabric that I had, that was close in color and the spray adhesive to put in behind tear.
And then because the front of the arm was also messed up.....I actually cut several more strings off and glued on top.  Yes, you can see it in the close up, but is really not noticable.

 Then, I took some newspaper and made a pattern of the front of the arm and cut the leather tooled look fabric out.  Again, I attached with the spray adhesive.

                               Then, I used Upholstery Brads around the edges to dress it up.

                                        Here it is in the apartment.  It turned out GREAT!