Sunday, December 18, 2016

Toy Soldier Christmas Ornaments



I hope everyone is ready for Christmas.  I really do NOT know where my time has gone! But, I thought I would do a quick post this morning before heading out to church. It is last minute, but with kids being home for the holidays, It would be a fun project for them to do.

I think I learned to make these ornaments in 8th grade. And, I still have them on my tree!  I actually love them.


Supplies: Old Fashioned Clothes Pins

                Red Pom Poms

                Flat gold  cord

                Red & White or Blue Paint

                Red Pipe cleaners

                Magic marker for face




First Paint your clothes & Let Dry, Paint the top red, and the pants either White or Blue           

Attach gold cord, This can be done in one piece.  It will glue better, just play with it.

Glue on his hat, arms.  Draw his face and your done

An ornament hanger will attach to his hat, or you can stand him on a branch!

                      MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!