Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Morning!  In a previous post, I told you that I have ONE size of jeans in my closet.....I actually do, but some are all cotton and some have stretch.   Some sit lower on the waist, and the others fit higher.  Guess which ones, that I have almost just about worn out.  The ones with some stretch.  This morning, I put on the jeans with No stretch and sit just a little higher on the waist.  Actually, I was surprised that I got into them and zipped them up.  They are a bit snug, but I've decided I am going to wear them every day, until I am thinner.  I have several pairs of these jeans, so it won't be a problem. I mean what a motivation.  That is what I am talking about.

I have continued to change my eating lifestyle.  I still refuse to say Diet......That automatically puts a Negative into the whole matter.  I do confess....  I did consider going on the 3 day diet this week.  I am really wanting to be 5 lbs lighter and I can feel and smell Spring.  But, I didn't.......This week I have been eating Grapefruit for Breakfast, with NO sugar.  I didn't think that I would like it, but actually I really didn't miss it.  How is that possible?  I have no idea!  For Lunch, I am having soup.  I am not a calorie counter, so soup makes it easy.  It is right there on the can.  If you get a Lite Soup, you can eat the whole can and it is only 120 -140 calories.  And dinner, Big salads, minimum salad dressing, a small portion of meat and low calorie vegetables, like Broccoli, Carrots, Green Beans, Cabbage.  Cooked with no Sugar, No Cheese, No Butter.  I KNOW....What you are thinking....But I haven't missed it.  I have NOT had my favorite Baked Potatoes, leaking with Butter, but I have had a few Baked Sweet Potatoes with not so much butter.  Did you catch what I said......Butter, not Margarine.  Another thing that I am working on changing.  Butter is made from Milk, Margarine from Fat.  YUCK!

I continue to do my exercises like I discussed in an earlier post. BUT, after this past weekend, I have decided that I have to walk more.  My husband and I went to a going away party.  We did the schottische dance (I looked up the spelling) and about 2/3's of the way thru, I could hardly breath. We use to (20 years ago) do 3 of these back to back.  Wow!  So this week, I have gone back to walking....I wish I could jog, but I have a knee that just will not take it.  I use to walk all the time and at the time, I said, I would never stop.  Well, life happens, and I get distracted.

Update, on the weight.....I am a few pounds thinner, and my clothes are fitting better.  Hey, I am in the smallest of the same size jeans that are in my closet.

I would love to hear what lifestyle changes that you are working on.

Have a great day!