Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Neighbor, David, LOL!

If you have read any of my post, you probably know, that we have a second home in Hot Springs, AR.  We have a couple of nice neighbors, but David, gets the BEST Neighbor award.  We are out in a rural area and don't have many neighbors that are real close. But, David lives right at the end of our street, and was the first to come by to meet us.

 He walks daily by the house and does some work for our neighbors across the way, so he always keeps an eye on our place.  Some of things that David has done for us.  He trapped a racoon that had dug under our foundation and was living under the house.  He went in, after the power had been out for days and just checked on everything.  But....this one takes the cake.......!  I can't believe he didn't call me!

Let me led up to how he finally told me what he had done.  We had gone over on Friday for the races, and while Bob was out walking the yard, he noticed, NO.......another varmit had dug under the foundation again.  So, I sent David a text to let him know and to ask what he had used to bait the trap.  I told him that we would set the trap up that evening and see if we got lucky.  He said he was leaving town for a week, so if we didn't get him, that he would set the trap back up when he got home.   We set the trap, Friday night, but no catch. So, we are on our way back home and David calls and ask if we got him.  I said "No." David says he will get him when he gets back from some training that he is attending.  Then, he says, "I've got a little funny story to tell you."  I am like ok.  He tells me that someone had dumped a bunch of Christmas boxes down in our far driveway.  Left them nice and neat in a stacked pile.  I am thinking....Really?  He continues to say, one of the boxes is a boot box that had been shipped to this guy.....Name, address.....and he is only a couple of blocks away.  So.....what does the Best Neighbor do?  He loads the boxes up and returns them to the guy and stacks them out by his garbage cans with the boot box on top.  He then knocks on the door.  By now,  I am Laughing out loud and hitting the car seat with my hand.  My husband is looking at me like I am crazy.  And I am thinking, OMG, what did David say to him.  Then, I hear David say that the guy wasn't home.
I would have LOVED to seen the look on that guys face when he saw that his boxes had reappeared.  I mean really, why did he just not burn them.  Any way, I ask David, what is your favorite beer and he says anything not Lite.  I tell him that he will be finding a case on his porch.  And, of course he tells me that it isn't necessary, that we would watch over him too.  Which is true!  Next trip, a case of beer and a sign, Best Neighbor Award will be delivered.  Everyone needs a David......