Monday, November 18, 2013

An Afternoon in Hot Springs, AR

One of my favorite places, Hot Springs, AR.  I love the mountains, the lakes, the racetrack, the history and love downtown.  This is suppose to be a Vacation I want to feel like I am on a vacation and explore new things.  I am always in search of something we haven't seen.  Saturday was a beauty and we decided to get out for a drive.

We headed downtown and checked out a new store that I had found on the internet, Casa Bella. Cute interior decor! Check them out:

Then, we headed North.....On Central. past The Arlington, and swung a left onto Whittington Ave, passing the ghostly, The Majestic on the right.  We had know idea what was out this way, just driving.  We passed Tiny Town, entered into the National Park, did a turn around, saw where the Alligator Farm is and then we went up W Mountain Summit Dr. into the National Park.

The look out tower on the other mountain.

I am not a hiker, But if you ARE....there are a lot of hiking trails right in downtown.

Then, we went downtown to walk.  I had heard that one of the bath houses, Hale Bath House, that was closed was now selling crafts from local artist. Check them out if your in town or go to their facebook page.

I was thirsty, so we crossed the street and wandered into The Ohio Club.  A Tiny bar, It is maybe 20' wide, but a Bar it is and the oldest in Hot Springs.  It is said that it is the only remaining saloon that is still open of the original illegal casinos.  Some famous people have been in this bar, the likes of Mae West, Al Jolson, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Babe Ruth, Bill Clinton, Al Capone, Frank Costello.  Yes, Hot Springs has a wicked history. The bar itself is an awesome piece of work.   It was bought in OH, shipped down the Mississippi to Memphis, put on a train to Malvern, AR, then a special cart was made to haul it to Hot Springs, pulled by horses.  Then, they had to take the front of the building off, to get it in. 

Ohio Club, 336 Central, Hot Springs
Across from the Bath Houses

The mirror is showing its age. but still a beauty.

Look at those horses, Tin Ceiling and Light Fixtures.

The Hubs...
  We ordered a Sausage and Cheese plate.  And, I had a Cold Beer! Of course, I forgot to take a picture before we had eaten a good portion of it.

Yum and a Large Plate.  We ate it all!