Friday, March 14, 2014

Gearing Up to Garden!

Oh my, I can't hardly stand it!  We have been having some great days and I am so ready to get my hands in some dirt.  Last week I showed you how I am using cardboard, newspaper & hay in my garden this year.  If you missed it.  Look under Labels-Gardening.

I mentioned, I believe that I wanted to plant some Strawberries and expand on my Asparagus bed.  I spent some time shopping on the computer at Gurneys and Burpee's.  One place had spend $50 and get $25 off and the other had spend $40, get $10 off.  Oh my, so I am checking prices, this one versus that one........Reading the reviews on the different varieties.  It gave me a headache. I had to get off the computer and make a feed run.

Well, I don't go to town Often.......LOL,  so while I was in town, something said run into Big Lots.  Low and behold they had Strawberry plants on the cheap.  I purchased some of those and a Blueberry bush too.  I've got to read up on them.

Then, I had to go into Lowes, because I needed some screws.  Well....guess what they had? Asparagus and the variety that I had read the reviews on.  Excited!  Then of course the seeds were right there.  May as well get some of the cool weather ones. I walk up to pay with an arm full.  The cashier ask, "Did you find everything all right?"  I said, "Yes, I came in for just screws."