Monday, March 3, 2014

The South & Ole Man Winter!

Ole man winter just will not let go this year!  Was it just time for a really cold winter or is it global warming?  I don't know, but I do know, that all of us Southerners are tired of it!  We have had some of biggest snows here in March, but this is pure ice.

Bob, a friend and I went down to Starkville, MS over the weekend for a barrel race.  Our youngest is down there and we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to go for a visit.  We left to come home at 1pm yesterday (Sunday) and it was 79 degrees.  As we came North, the temperature starting dropping and it started raining.  Several times we had to slow down to 40 mph, because it was raining so hard.  By the time we got close to home the rain was freezing on the trees and it was 34 degrees.  We made haste and helped  move our friends stuff into his truck and trailer, so he could get on the road home.

I have to say that rain, thunder, sleet, freezing temperatures is a little freaky!  Ice is not good for trees and power lines.  So, you can guess what the Facebook news feed was full of.....Power out! I hear trees popping and repeat......Our power did go out....right before the last person sung on The Voice.  Now, I have no idea Who....the big lead up to.... was made all about.  Oh well, I just went to bed.  Sometime in the middle of the night, our power came back on.  But, there are thousands that are still with out power this morning.

I think a good portion of the South is shut down.  The news people are saying, unless it is vital that you be out on the road for work, Stay Home!  My husband went to work.  He thought it would be fine, because it looks like we got a lot of snow over the ice.  NOT, I went out this morning.  All of it is pure ice.  I was going to try to measure it and I couldn't get the measuring stick to go in. It is really pretty with the sun out and ice shining, but what a mess.

I think this is a goner.