Thursday, March 6, 2014

Horse says, "I am done."

Good Morning!
Apparently, I am not the only one done with winter!
I went to feed this morning and I am thinking....Thank goodness I am not having to wear all those layers this morning, because I am Done with a ton of clothes.

First, I give each horse a warm bucket of water.  I am not even paying attention to them, except they are standing and waiting on breakfast.

Second, I start throwing hay, still thinking....Hey, I don't even feel chilly.  Crazy when 32 degrees feels warm.

I get to the last horse, mind you, I have already given him water.  I walk in the stall and see a hump of blue material in the middle of the stall, like a dirty towel thrown down on the floor.  I look up and he, Wrangler, is like, "What?  What did I do?"  I say, "So, your done too, I hope we are done, since you have torn up your blanket now."  

I pick it up to see how bad he has ripped it to pieces.  Nothing, not a tear, belly buckles are undone.  So, now I am wondering how he could have possibly got the buckles undone and this blanket off over his head without tearing it up and me hearing all the ruckus.  Remember, they are just next door, we live in a barnominuim.  Hmmmm, they never cease to amaze us!