Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jewelry Holders

After making my daughter a bracelet holder, I got in the mood to do something else.  My necklaces have hung on the corners of the mirror on my dresser forever.......I had seen on old rake head used to hang necklaces.  I just happened to have one. 


I used a wire brush to knock some of the rust off of it and then hit it with some Gold spray paint.  I used Hot glue to cover the handle with some rope.  And Done!  Hang it up!  


LOL! My husband came in and said, "Someone has hung an old rake up in the bathroom."

 Now, I am thinking that I need some new necklaces!

 I had to take some pictures down to hang the rake up.  I've had the pictures forever and was tired of them, but love the frames!  I had been to a friends house the other night and she had this cute earring holder made out of a window screen.  I just happen to have some.  I popped one picture out of the frame.  Cut a piece of window screen bigger than the opening and hot glued it in!  Oh my so easy!



 Of course this only works for dangle earrings, unless you want to pull the picture down to add Post earrings.


And, again....I think I need to go shopping. LOL,  I do have more than these, but they have clasp or post.