Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wood Signs

Oh my Goodness!  I know......It has been forever since I have posted anything.  I promise you that I have been busy.  I've spent the last two nights uploading pictures from the phone to the computer. 

One of those things is Wooden Signs made out of scrape lumber...

I can tell you....These are not my originals thoughts!  Pinterest is my best friend!

I thought this was REAL cute.  Brianna has been dating Danny now for 1 year and she was wanting a collage to go over the couch in her new apartment.

I used thin strips of wood to attach wood planks together.  To paint, I used painters tape and lined out my tress.  Then I tore pieces and placed in the center to make it look like bark.  After, I painted the tree, I pulled all the tape up.  The....boyfriend loved it and said it made him want to find a tree to really carve their initials in......AWE!  He is a keeper!

 Have you ever blown a dandelion?

 More Scrapes!  I really don't know what the L is made out of....They were in my stock.  The O is made out of a piece of Tree Bark, and dry washed in White. The V is obviously a chain.  The E is Vine.  I LOVE IT!

Back to the collage....Thought we may need some fill in's......Not knowing exactly what we were going to use.  I painted several colors on the board and ran my electric sander over it.

She LOVES Arrows!  Another fill in...

Here it is!  OH I did that Believe sign as well!

I got the frames up and she had to print out some pictures to go in them.


Another sign that I made for me!


Ok, the EASIEST way that I have found to do signs.  Print out your words.  Then take chalk and cover the back of the writing.  Place the paper on your wood, or whatever your using and trace with a pencil.  The chalk will transfer to your wood and then you can paint.  I have found that the paint Pens make it so much easier!

 Color the back!

See how it transfers!  Happy sign making!  Comment and let me know that you were here!