Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Barnominium Christmas

Christmas is 14 Days away....13 days of shopping left.  I haven't bought a thing, not one thing....When your kids are grown, shopping is just not quite as much fun!  But, I still love getting the tree up.  Actually, we have had ours up for weeks, but just getting around to sharing pictures.  I hope everyone of you have a Very Merry Christmas and remember the Real Reason for the Season.......Jesus Christ!

My Godmother gave me this nativity scene when I was young, maybe 10 years old.  It only had one King, but all the other pieces.  I have had it all these years (40+) and it is still my favorite thing to get out.  I only have broken one of the lambs legs.  Knock on wood!

 The den, yep I am watching the NFR.  For you non-horse people, that is the National Finals Rodeo.

Everyone else decorates their fireplace mantle, I guess this is like that for us!

 The tooth fairy, (my husband is a dentist) I didn't realize that he had dropped his tooth wand again!

 My Take on the Burlap Christmas tree.....I think it is leaning....

Our tree is a hodge podge of ornaments, Balls, Handmade, Western and I love the crystal.  Rustic and glam on the same tree and I love it.  It is me to the tee, a little rustic with a little bling.

 Toy soldier made out of an old fashioned clothes pin.  I think I learned to make these in middle school.

 Lace and bead wreath put together with pipe cleaners.

 Reindeer made out of 3 clothes pens.  Cute!

 A little bit country with a little glam....

 I don't normally change pictures and things around.  But, some blogs inspired me and brought this mirror down from upstairs and hung the wreath on it that is usually goes on the front door.

 Cowboy and Cowgirl get a Santa hat.

 This is my girls' tree, Brianna's ornaments on the Left, Megan's on the Right. This year we decorated from the first year ornaments, starting at the top down to the bottom.

This is the corner that the Big tree usually goes.  I decided to change things up a bit this year.

 The cactus in my office stays decorated year around!

 The front porch...usually I just have a wreath on this door and lights and garland all the way across the porch, but not this year.....The wreath, my grandmother made out of yarn.  It may not be the most fabulous, but I treasure things like this!

 This greenery has seen better days!  This year I filled it in with ornaments, star garland, pine cones and the sheer stuff....brain freeze