Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exterior Light Fixtures

I wanted new light fixtures for our home in AR.  Something more craftsman to go with the shutters that we made.  We had a problem....The only ones that we could find...The light hung below were it attached to the wall.  This would have made the light to low on the house. 

Like, so many things, I said, "I will just paint them!"

 Of course, I didn't get a picture of the BEFORE. Before we started doing anything to it.  The fixture had a long pole on the bottom. It was at least 12" long and ugly  We just removed it and decorative piece that was on the end of the pole just screwed right into the bottom the light fixture. 

Not wanting to deal with an electric wiring, I decided to paint the fixture on the house.  I taped newspaper on the brick all around the fixture.  Taped off real good around where it mounted to the brick. We then took the top off of the fixture and slide the glass pieces out.  Since the top was off, I just put them on a table and  painted.  I used two colors, a Bronze and a Black.  First, I painted with the Bronze and lightly misted with the Black.  I was trying to achive that look that is on everything these days.  I think, I did a pretty good job.  We had also wanted lights with a motion sensor.  We couldn't find a motion sensor that would look ok in the light fixtures so, we just purchased some dusk to dawn sensors to put in them.  After everything dried, we put it all back together.  Hey, I am telling you....If I can do it, SO can you!

Now, it has some presence against the wall, before it just blended.  By painting two light fixtures, I saved at least $100 dollars.  Yeah!