Thursday, April 11, 2013

What are you into?

Good Morning!  We have enjoyed a couple of Beautiful days here in TN.  Now, the rain...I think all us have gotten it or your in line to get it.  Thank goodness, we only had rain, not the huge storm that was forecasted. Over the last couple of days, I took full advantage of spending some time outdoors.  Yesterday, I went out to feed the horses and then got right into doing some gardening.  My oldest daughter called and asked what I was doing.  I said, "Gardening." She says, "It is only 7:30 in the morning."  I explain it is a beautiful morning.  In the Spring and Summer that is usually what I do.  I feed the horses, sit and drink another cup of coffee outside, (in my little Oasis, Check out the Barnominium)  watch the wildlife or I garden.  Then, I turn the horses out and do more gardening.  I think this is Funny......I have always done this, but when she was home, she was she is at work. 

The Monkey Grass had gone Crazy!  I dug up 2+ Paper Grocery bags full.  One, I am sending to the school for their FFA Spring Plant sale and other I am taking to AR to plant on a step bank.

I dug up more stuff too, it is going to the AR house.

I save my milk jugs...Anyone else do that?  I had cut several off straight across and put some cuttings in them.  Then, I was looking at it and thought, Why didn't I leave the handle on...for easy moving...Duh!
The next ones that I cut, I left the handle on the jug, sure makes things easier. :)

The other thing that I did yesterday was I hauled my recyclable things to the bin.  My parents and some of you have the benefit of having recyclables picked up on the curb.  I have to haul mine 10 miles to the closest town with a bin.  Therefore, I usually have a load!  I go that way to grocery shop, but I forget to take what I have already collected with me.  By the time, I do....It is a chore.  I have to work on that!

I save Newspaper, Cardboard, and Plastic.  The bin, I go to has compartments for each of these. If everyone would help with recycling it would help our landfills a great deal.  Plastic takes FOREVER to break down.  How many of you recycle?  Follow my blog and leave me comments.