Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OLD Drawers Repurposed!

My parents bought another home, so my mom has been getting rid of stuff she has been hoarding.  Lucky me!  She gave me what was a wood base on a sewing machine, not intact, but the column of drawers that went on each side.  She said, "I know you will do something with them."

Some were missing pieces, but there were some loose ones in a drawer..
This what the drawers came out of.
Here they are......I painted the inside bottom white and then distressed it with sandpaper and I just kinda dry brushed the white all over the outside.  Then I took a damp paper towel and rubbed it.  Several of them I added lettering too.  I used the Vinyl stick on letters, painted over them and then pulled them off.  Then I just dabbed some blue into the letters.

I must say.....I LOVE how they turned out!

The SEW is for my mom :) I am sure she can find something to put in it.

The decorative pieces were loose and I glued them onto the drawers.
 NOW, that I had them cleaned up and painted, I still really didn't know Where ....I would use them.  So, this is where they have landed for now.  And, of course I shared with my mom.  This project started with her giving them to me.

I found the little a junk store.  Might not be the best place for him, but he fits and it is where he has landed for now.

Of course, the bath one went into the Bath to hold some misc stuff that has been sitting on the counter...Hand Lotion & Instant Hand Manicure (of course those are BeautiControl), perfume, cologne.

Have you repurposed old drawers for something else?