Monday, September 2, 2013

Mini Bar

Our Dining Room (AR house) has Four, yes Four built-in bookcases and a Fireplace mantle.  I really struggled as to what to put in them.  I have had stuff in three of them for ages, but have continued to struggle with the last one.  Let me show you my problem.  It is really deep, but has narrow shelves....I just could not for life of me, figure out what to put in there. The home was a foreclosure, so no idea as to what previous owners used the space for.  The last trip over, it hit me....Make it a Bar!

I have been wanting to add something to back of all the bookcases, like fabric or wallpaper and just haven't found what I want.  BUT, the bar would have to have something.  I had in mind a wallpaper that looked like glass tiles, but the only thing that I could find was on the internet and sometimes the color is not accurate, so I settled for a paintable wallpaper from Lowes that looks like tile.

 I have added a few things to the mantle...I am still working on that as well.  A near future project will be to vamp up the mantle.  Maybe next trip.
Now, to wait....for 24 hours before painting.
I chose Red.  One of my favorite colors and if you have looked at my blog than you know it is. I brought home a piece to play with.  I thought about going over it with a bronze or silver glaze.  We will see.  We put a LED strip light in the top of the cabinet.  There is a plug underneath the cabinet, so we hid the the wire in the front corner, drilled a hole, and dropped the cord down to plug in.  I also put down Black shelf paper.  Don't want sticky liquor on the wood.

 ***Update, I played with highlighting the paper with a Bronze paint and it is a no go....staying RED.

I still have to do some shopping.
Oct 2013 - We just returned home from spending a week at our Home in Hot Springs, AR.  While there I added some things to the bar. Waterford crystal is not in the budget at this time, but FUN is!  So, FUN cocktail glasses were added and a mirror on the bottom shelf.

 The mirror reflects some still seems a little dark in there.
Also, added a small mirror under the glasses.

I still need a shaker for making a Martini