Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things to do in Hot Springs, AR

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....but....I have been extremely busy!  I thought after June that things would slow down...until I looked at my calender.  Which included four days in Iowa with my oldest and the looming deadline to get everything ready for the big college move in day.  So, I thought, things will slow down AFTER we get the youngest moved to college.  Well, nothing has slowed down yet, BUT we went over to our home in Hot Springs last week and I did...NOTHING, not one project.  I just watered and Relaxed.  Bob, cut some grass, but not much, since we haven't had any rain.

Two of the mornings, we rode our horses and went out to dinner Friday with some friends.

But, Saturday is what I want to talk about.  I have been wanting to visit one of the bath houses.  Since, we weren't up to our elbows in a project, this weekend was a great time to do it.  Hot Springs, AR was called the Valley of the Vapors, because of the effect all the hot pools with steam coming off of them had on the valley.  All or most of them have been capped off, so to enjoy the benefits of the Hot Mineral water, you have to go to one the bath houses.  Although..... I have seen a man in the park with his legs over in that pool.  There are also many water fountains in the bath row area, that people use to fill water jugs.  I mean they come in their car with large containers and fill them up with the water.  While, we were walking around, I saw a couple doing just that.  I warned Bob, I am about to stop and talk to these people.  LOL!  They said it was the best water ever.  I guess, I really need to take some jugs next time.

So, we visited the Quapaw Bath House.  They offer a variety of spa treatments, massages, and a community pool.  It is $18 to visit the pool and you can stay as long as you want.  You HAVE to wear a bathing suit and have non slip flip flops. ($3 if you need some)  They provide you with towels, a key to a locker and point you to the appropriate locker room.  They also ask that you run through the shower before entering the pool.  When you enter into the pool area, they give you a glass of water and explain the temperatures of the different pools.  Two are really hot and they recommend you stay in them for only 15-20 mins. (don't need anyone passing out) and then either get out to cool off or go into a cooler pool. After, you cool down, you can go back into the hotter pool.

We really enjoyed it.  These waters are suppose to offer healing entities. We meet a couple from Atlanta, GA that came to the states in 1980 from Romania.  She said that her husband suffers bad arthritis and this was their second trip to Hot Springs, to see if the waters would help.  She told me that in the European countries, that doctors often send you to an area with Hot Springs for treatment.  She went on to talk about the pools being huge. That one would be as big as the building that we were in and there would be many.  She said, that all doctors here wanted to do, was to give you a pill.  LOL! I told her, yes, she was right!  

I will be going back!  They also offer a 3 month membership with unlimited visits.  The Quapaw house also offers Wellness classes and a Music Venue.  Check out their web site.

 Bathhouse Row
Hot Springs, AR 71901

After our soak, we wandered around downtown town a bit.  We decided we were hungry, but just strolled around looking at the menus posted outside of the restaurants.  Trying to decide what we were hungry for. We came upon The Porterhouse.  My cousin had told me that they had eaten there, pretty pricey, but great atmosphere, and wonderful service.  WELL, they had two Chefs specials listed on the menu...outside.  One was a Prime Rib for $12.95.  Lordy, I don't think you can beat that with a stick, so in we went.  The atmosphere is nice, the service was wonderful, *****, and the food was good!  Their mashed potatoes are to die for!  If, your downtown, check them out!

Look at those mirrors!  I starred in amazement.  They are beautiful!

****Check out their private area upstairs for groups!  Love the lounge and martini bar!

The Porterhouse. Steaks & Seafood
707 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901
Phone: 501 321-8282

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Have you enjoyed doing something there that I haven't written about?  I am always on the hunt for the best kept secrets.