Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bang Bang Shrimp

My youngest daughter was coming home from college this past weekend.  She said, "Mom, I want something really good for dinner. Can you have it ready when I get there?  I will be starving!"  This was her first trip home, since moving off to college and we were really excited for her to be coming home.  And, a little scared of her driving all the way, by herself.  I asked her what she was wanting and her response was Bang Bang Shrimp or Steak.  Well, my grill is gone......I need a new one.  So, off to the store in the pouring rain to get some shrimp to cook.

Now, that I have started this blog thing, EVERYTHING is Blog material. I know that there are many recipes for Bang Bang Shrimp on the internet, but not with Pictures!

What you need:
2lbs Raw Shrimp, I bought the Large ones- Most recipes call for 1lb, but we love shrimp!
Corn Starch
 Since, I always buy the frozen, I put my shrimp in a colander and run warm water over the shrimp to thaw and to let the extra water drain off. 
     Dredge or cover your shrimp in the Corn starch.
Fry in hot cooking oil, (I use Vegetable oil) till lightly brown.  It doesn't take long. Don't overcook! Drain on paper towels.

Now, for your sauce.  I actually mixed up two different ones, simply because I couldn't remember which sauce, that I used last time.

 With Fusia Chili & Garlic dipping sauce
 With Panda Express Beijing Sauce
I like the color of the one on the right with the Beijing, but they both tasted almost the same.  I am telling you this, because I couldn't find the sauce that was called for in the recipe.  You will find these in the Chinese food section in your grocery store.

What you need:
1/2 Cup Mayo
1/4 cup of Beijing Sauce
4-5 drops Hot Sauce
Mix well!

The traditional recipe says to mix shrimp and sauce in a bowl.  Then to serve over lettuce greens.  Personally, I serve my shrimp on a plate with the dip on the side.  And I serve a nice Garden salad with the works!