Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trumpeter Swans

My parents live in Heber Springs, AR.  They have been telling us for years about these Swans that show up on this lake and stay for the winter. Not Greers Ferry lake, but Magness Lake just outside of town.  We were at my parents for Thanksgiving and my dad said that the swans were in town.  So we took a drive out to see them.

They are Fabulous! The swans are Trumpeter Swans, the largest Native bird in North America.  They weigh up to 30lbs with a wingspan of 8'.  We carried Shelled corn to feed them, which is the only thing recommended for feeding.

Bottoms UP!
Apparently, they are a pretty big DEAL!  See, these birds don't migrate this far south.  Normally, they are found in Wyoming, Alaska and Canada.  In, 1991. three birds showed up.  The following year they brought friends and family and each year the group coming here has grown.  I don't know how many was there that day.  A LOT! I think the count is getting near 200.

 People come from see them.  It is a steady stream of cars.  I was amazed at the traffic in and out.  This lake is on privately owned property.  Please be respectful of that.

 The pure white swans are the older swans, and the grays are the younger.  As they age they turn white.  There is a mix of ducks there as well.

We didn't get to see any fly....I took this picture off of an AR game site.

The best time to view them is in the afternoon.  Some fly off in the day to feed elsewhere. They will be in town until Feb ?  Their on their own schedule.  Check them out if you any where near the area.
Directions: Drive east on Arkansas Highway 110 from its intersection with Arkansas 5 and Arkansas 25 just east of Heber Springs. Go 3.9 miles from the intersection to Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, on the right and marked with a white sign. Turn left on Hays Road, a paved county road. Magness Lake is about a half-mile down this road, and a gravel parking area is at an S curve in the road.