Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Pallet Island Bar

I had grown tired of walking around the dining room table in my kitchen.  I was looking at my den and thinking.....if I moved this there, and that there, and got rid of the sofa table and love seat, the dining table could be moved into the den.  We have a huge entertainment center and I didn't want to move it, without being sure.  I measured everything and cut out paper diagrams of the furniture to scale, so I could check to make sure.  It did and I am happy with the new look!

With the table gone out of the kitchen, the kitchen looked huge.  I wanted an island bar.  I have two really nice bar stools that never get used.  I priced built island bars, I looked at furniture pieces that could be converted, I searched Pinterest, I thought about making my own out of stock cabinets.......Then, like a lot of projects happen....I was out in the garage and I see this window that I had purchased, but done nothing with.  I had pallets and some scrap lumber.  I had time!

Measure, Measure....was the window long enough to use as a top to the bar, was the pallets tall enough for the bar stools?  OH my gosh....Yes!  Lucky me!

First, I worked on the window.  I knew this would be the biggest decision making problem.  I wanted to use the Gallery Glass paint on it.  I had to come up with a design.  It took me a couple of days to resolve....

A cross with a star and horse shoe.  Since, my window had two panels, I did them in reverse.  Then, to put the bar together...Hubby helped me on this project!  He doesn't usually, I don't know how I got lucky!  I didn't take any before paint pictures.  What is wrong with me?  I found a chalk paint recipe using Plaster paris and mixed up some red and some turquoise. I painted the red first and then topped with the turquoise.  Last step was to wipe it down with a walnut color stain.

I had ran down to the dollar store for something and saw this cute baskets.  Perfect for holding dish towels and freeing up a drawer.  I only have 3....One had silver ware, one cooking tools (packed) and one for dish towels.  I got to rearrange some things...Excited about the small stuff!

 The bar stools are getting used now!

The window had a grove on each end of course for sliding up and down.  I used some old cowboy rope to fill the grove.  Last step will be to mount the horse shoe for a towel holder.

This gives me a LOT more moving room in the kitchen!

And the table works fine in the den!

Evidently, Maggie loves to be in the pictures!