Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make-up Room

I have had a busy weekend.  My daughter left Friday morning to go to Gatlingburg for the TN FFA (Future Farmers of America) convention.  It is known to happen....When someone is gone for a few days, it is a great time to redecorate.  I had asked, and asked, "What color do you want your make-up room?"  Her response, "I am going to college in a couple of months."  I say, "It is time for a change." Yep, that is what happened....I painted, I cleaned and I threw away about a 100 lbs of crap.  Does ANY one else have daughters that are hoarders?  Both of mine are!  My oldest has been gone for 7 years and still had stuff in the drawers. the garbage!  And the youngest had stuff in her drawers that was 7 years old too....When she was 11 years old.....Ugh, I can't believe they cannot get rid of stuff.

 Check out some of stuff in these drawers....I was horrified!
Two hair dyers, I have bought 2 since these were bought....Why?

7 Mascaras, Mom I need a Mascara....But never throw away an old one!
                  I really don't know where this comes from, Not throwing away the old stuff!

Stuff and hair things for little girls....

Stuff and more

I organized!

Wow, all nail stuff in one drawer!

                                                           The Old Look!

See all the finger nail polish on top of the jewelry couldn't fit in a drawer.  It does now. :)

It was cute...but time for a change.

I had some flowers here on the wall with some of that wall tape, that is suppose to come off, well it did and took some wall with it. I had to prepare my walls before painting.

A little spackle

Smooth it out and sand when dry

                                                    The NEW Look!

 I made this with a piece of picture canvas.  I painted it and then screwed in little cup holders across the bottom.  She has a lot of necklaces.  Where were they?  On hooks, in drawers, in bags......She doesn't even know what she has.  Jewelry still in their boxes.

 She will be surprised when she gets home.  And next week while she is on Spring Break....We are cleaning out a closet.

Next, Frame the mirror and reupholster the stools!  I will show pictures when I get it done!