Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Parent's Road Trip

I have.... been working on some projects.  I just don't have anything to show and tell right now.  I was getting really excited for some out side projects.  But, winter decided to reshow her face and it has been very cool here.

 Since, I don't have anything to share, I thought I would show my parents pictures. They just got back home from their trip to Arizona.  They took a road trip out to visit my fathers' brother and family.  We took this trip as a family, when I was about 10 years old.  The whole day we traveled thru Texas.  As the day creep on, my parents starting to talking about finding a place to spend the night.  My mom, said that I started up from the back seat, "Not in Texas, I am tired of Texas!".  We made into New Mexico, like that really made a difference, but I guess it did to me at the time.  And, this trip my mom was thinking the same thing.  That is what brought the other trip to mind.  

I don't think I will be traveling out that way any time soon, so I have enjoyed their pictures.

 Sun City, AZ.  A retirement area.  The coyotes run down the middle of the streets.  My uncle keeps a big spotlight out in the screened in porch to check the back yard at night, before turning the dog out for his business. One night, my mom was awakened by a pack coming thru the neighborhood.  She said they were so loud and creepy that it put chill bumps up and down her spine.

My Uncle's yard

Everyone has gravel yards.


                                         Tombstone, AZ & OK Corral

                                           A Botanical garden outside of Phoenix, AZ

 They went out to AZ on the southern route thru TX, but came back the Northern route. They wanted to see the beautiful red mountains through  the Sedona, NM area.