Thursday, March 7, 2013

Old Jeans

I know you have some....Old Jeans....What to do with them?  Actually I have seen a number of cute projects done with jeans.  I have seen purses, quilts, ottoman covers, and a Supply holder.  Which is what I did with some that we had.  I have a extra room that is Multi-purpose. The room serves as a guest bedroom, and it has a tanning bed, exercise equipment, sewing machine and a closet full of crafts and BeautiControl.  When, I am working on a project, I set up a table.

Like I said, I have a closet full, so I wanted pens, rulers, small stuff easy to get to and not have to dig thru something to find them.  I hung this on the back of the closet door.  Cute, Isn't it?

The back

  First, your going to cut a leg off. Then cut the yoke off the top of the jeans.  Use fabric glue and attach the Yoke to the top of your pants leg.  Now you need some pockets.  Cut some pockets off and glue onto the pants leg (only around the edges) so you can put stuff in there.  I cut a piece of cardboard to fit down into the pants leg, so it would be stiff.  Then take a piece of bandanna or whatever you like and run thru you belt loops and tie it off.