Monday, March 4, 2013

Lucky Dog Barrel Race - Texarkana

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  We did!  We headed Southwest to Texarkana, AR and enjoyed some nicer weather, than they had here at home in TN.  We were so excited to go Barrel Race at a pen that we haven't been to before.   We got to visit with some girls that we meet last year (at another barrel race) that live in OK, visit with a fellow barrel racer that moved to Louisiana years ago and we made some new friends.  The name of the race is Lucky Dog Barrel Race.  I am not sure where the name came from....but they do have a dog race each day.  One day they let you race your small dogs and the next day is large dogs.  It can be quite entertaining....sometimes the dogs don't run to their owners but do a detour visiting or running after another dog in the race.

 This is my daughter, our Blue Heeler (Maggie) and I, at Tunica, MS.  Maggie got Reserve in the Large dog race and received a bag with a bandana, treats, etc....  She has gotten Reserve twice.  We didn't race her this weekend.  We were busy getting ready to race ourselves.

Searcy, AR. waiting our turn...

 I don't know who these people are, but wanted to share a picture of the starting line :)  I hope they don't mind.

It is a lot of fun and they (Lucky Dog) use the donations for different charities.

The Lucky Dog family is also a Christian family.  The man pictured in the round pen comes to every show and does a sermon DAILY.  Usually he does a round pen ministry with the horse.  It is fabulous!  So, if any of you ever hear of him coming to your area,  it will be worth the trip to hear him speak.

 I meant to get more pictures of the facilities, but it just didn't happen.  This is the Four State Fairgrounds arena.  It was really nice!  The facility was heated and had a nice restaurant on one end.  There was a work pen just across the way, nice stalls and plenty of RV parking.

The tractors smoothing the ground.  Great Ground Crew!

The announcer and time keepers hard at work

Behind our trailer, a little park area and pond

 I thought I would share a couple of our best runs.......

Brianna & Hickory...she couldn't get her leg out of the enough

                        Brianna & Grandio...His best run of the weekend...He starts in my boot camp, as soon as  I get caught up.  He did NOT work like he should.

Honkin Tonkin Lady & Me....I was so excited... I WAS placing in the 2D yesterday for a long....time.  One faster time thru me out the money in the Open.  But, we pulled a small check in the Senior Side pot 1D.

  Bob & Wrangler....I think they like this pen. We need to be hauling him to some of these pens where he can stretch out. If we could have switched the last 2 numbers on the clock, it would have been a nice check!

  Remember, the CLEAN trailer that I showed you last week.  Well, these is usually how it looks on pack up beds made and everything is just thrown in to hit the road.  Oh well....I will unpack and it will look great again.