Monday, May 20, 2013

Garage/Party Room

This is the Barnominium!  Barn, House, Garage/Party Room, and a Shop/Trailer storage.
It was pretty disgusting when we purchased this place.  You know that Foam Insulation in a can... that grows when you spray it?  It was every where!  I spent a lot of time with a knife getting it trimmed down.  And then there were gaps on this wall where there wasn't board.  I guess they didn't own a saw the cut down pieces.....Who knows.  We had several parties in here, before I decided that it needed to look more like a party room, than just a garage.  This room is 20' x 60'.  Lots of room.  We can either open both garage doors, front and back, and get a breeze or we can shut it down and put several heaters in there for a winter party.

This wall got the Red Treatment.

 I painted one wall, RED and strung some party lights!  I thought, yes, that looks better, but then after some time....I decided that we had to do something with that other wall.

So, We made Shutters for all the windows, added metal siding as a Chair Rail and of course, I painted.....That was a pain.  I borrowed scaffolding from a friend.

Ready to party!

See how tall that wall is?  That is the house part of this Barnominim.