Monday, May 13, 2013

To Much Rain!

Here in TN, We have had a LOT of rain.  In the ten years that we have lived here, I have only seen the water like this a couple of times.  One of those being when we had the 100 year flood. This year, 3 times we have had flash flooding.  I just pray that we get some in July, but not like this!

Have you experienced extreme weather this year? These are taken from my front porch.

Making me think about sand bags.....

We have had plenty of rain, now we need some sunshine and warm temperatures.  In two weeks, a year ago, we were cutting our first hay of the season.  This year, Not.  Bermuda likes warm temperatures, so maybe mid June.

But my garden is waking up, the flowers that is....The tomatoes look horrible, they haven't grown one bit.

My beds at the road.  I am glad that I had not mulched this spring, because a lot of stuff washed out!  I had just pulled all that dirt back off the driveway.  I guess that I will be doing that again.

Top picture 2007, below picture 2013

Succulents planted 2012.  Only started with a cutting/

Lots of little cornflowers coming up

Too much rain.  See the rope tied from tree to porch...:(

This tree is tied too!

I need to thin these Every Year!