Monday, May 6, 2013

A Years Progess!

Good Morning!  I missed writing last week.  We are on the count down to two big graduations.  My oldest graduates this Saturday from Murray State with her Masters and our youngest in a week from High School with honors.  To say the least we have been busy......

But...on to what a difference a year makes. We bought the house in AR, Aug 2011 and last Spring, I started dividing plants that I had here and carrying them over to improve the landscape.  We made a FAST trip over for one night on Friday and everything is looking so Pretty!

Fall 2011, No Grass, Bushes overgrown, and Ugly shutters!
  Do you see the concrete sidewalk ^ gone and a place for new stone sidewalk left when we laid sod.

2012- New Shutters, new deck, bushes cut back, hostas & day lilies planted
New sidewalk! Yes I like this better.
2012- Pretty bare- See last picture, blocks are now gone.
I added some good home grown horse manure! 5/13
Stained the deck 5/13
Plants are looking GREAT!
Removed the retaining blocks.  I like it better this way!
It has now, actually been a year and half, two Springs and one Summer.  What a transformation a yard can take in a short amount of time.  I didn't have the resources to go out buy new landscape.  I divided plants in my yard here and swapped for plants to use in this yard.  The landscape didn't cost a thing!