Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pull out Garbage Can

In yesterdays post,  I showed the wine bottle rack that I made.  And the door that I needed for something else.....

See, the end on the lower cabinet.  It has only spice rack depth shelves in the front and no way to access the back of the cabinet.  We thought we had found a secret hiding place.  Shucks, no found money, just wasted space. I decided this was a perfect place for a garbage can, but I needed a door.

First, we had to cut the hole big enough to hold the New Slide out Garbage Can.

Then, we had to build a bottom to bring it up flush.  And, of course I painted it. 

This part is easy!  I LOVE the pull out hardware.  I want to add some pull out trays in some of my cabinets.

Here is the Door!

Love IT!

Visit Before and After Kitchen to see the complete over haul!  YES, you can change Ugly too!