Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fried Veggies!

Have you heard the saying, "The Garden is coming in." Well, it is....and that means that there are veggies to pick.  In my case the Squash is producing like crazy.  I have also picked one eggplant and a small Chili Bell Pepper. 

So, living in the South, of course we love some fried food.  And, something healthy like a salad with fresh lettuce from the garden as well.

I love frying up some vegetables. Mine is more like Fried Goulash.  I don't know why I started calling it that.  Maybe, because it is never just one vegetable, they all get mixed in one bowl and it all goes in the skillet at the same time.

I am no fancy cook, but I do love to eat.  So, I thought I would show you how I do it.

 Get some good Vegetable oil and put it in your skillet to start heating up.  I heat mine on med/high.

Beat an egg in a large bowl.
Eggplant, skin and cut.
Patty Pan Squash
Quarter and slice

Of course, I HAVE to add Onion
Salt & Pepper.  Stir veggies to coat everything in the egg.
I added a small Yellow squash also, then add flour on top.
Mix it all up
When your grease gets hot, just dump the veggies into skillet   

Start turning veggies as they brown.
When browned, use spatula to take veggies out and put on plate covered with paper towels.
Now, this is some good eating!  When the Okra comes in, that will be added to the mix.