Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Adventures - Garvan Gardens & More

We arrived in Hot Springs, AR at our second home on Wednesday, the week before Christmas.  Me, with my parents and Bob and Brianna from home with horses in tow.  A quick trip to the grocery for supplies and we settled in with movie night.

Thursday evening we went for our annual Christmas Light walk at Garvan Gardens.  The lights are fabulous and they increased them to 2 million this year.  When attending, pay attention to what color the lighted deer (Hanging over head) is in your parking lot. Other wise you may be wandering around in the dark.  It is a walking tour, but they do offer golf cart rides for a extra fee. The fee is $10 per person, and extra for the cart.  The walking is up and down hills, so if can be difficult for some.  My dad had difficulty this year with the terrain.

My hubs and daughter

My parents
The Christmas tree sings, and lights beat along.

The train is a big hit with the kids, train noises, and the wheels/smoke in motion
This was new this year, playing instruments!
The plan for Friday was to go downtown early.  I wanted to take Brianna and my parents up the mountain to the Look Out Tower, and shop downtown, before going to The Arlington.  But, mother nature intervened and brought in rain.  We did make a few shops before it starting raining pretty hard and we headed over to The Arlington for dinner.

Hotel next door to The Arlington, has a cute Boutique!
I love The Arlington.  It is old and has a lot of history. Each year they have this huge Gingerbread house in the lobby.  We have sat in the lobby, had a drink and just people watched.  They also have a Big Band that comes in on Friday nights that plays oldies.  Lots of older people come down and dance.

I am NOT photogenic!
I have never noticed those grills over the windows.
We had a fabulous meal!  I had a salad and the good stuff, Crab legs, Peel em & eat em shrimp, and Oysters.  The rest of the crew had some of the above and stuff off the other seafood bar.  The piano player, played Christmas songs, which was fun, but made it hard to have conversation. It was a great time....until.......We got up to leave and my  mom says she is going into the Ladies room, her stomach hurts.  We finally all make it out on the porch and I snapped these pictures of the park across the street (it was raining)

Hubs, being the gentleman that he is, says he will go get the car.  Mom is holding her stomach and says she has to go back to the bathroom, so I follow along.....So, I the bathroom on a couch snapping pictures, thinking of grander days when ladies probably gathered in here to gossip, while mom came out once to wash her hands, then twice to wash her hands and then after coming back out for the third hand washing, she thought she was ready to make the 20 min trip home. Then, Bob calls to see if she is OK and tell him we are on our way out.

So, on the ride home.  Mom thinks she just got a bad oyster....why that I don't know.  I say she probably just had to much rich food.  Then, Brianna says that she doesn't feel good.  I ask do we need to pull over and she says, yes and it is too LATE!  I have no paper towels, nothing in my car!  I always do!  So, while she is sick out in someone's front yard, I go to the door and ask if I could borrow some paper towels.  She was sick all night and half the day, both ends.  I know, I know.  TMI to much information.

So, why did I tell you this.  I called and talked with restaurant manger Saturday afternoon, after we all got some sleep, discussed what mom and Brianna ate and discovered that each of them had one of the same dishes.  Which, Bob also had a couple of bites of.  He had a few episodes but not full blown like the other two.  I tell the manager, that I think that they got food poison and what they ate.  Dad and I didn't get sick.  He wants to know if they went to the doctor.....Why would we, unless for dehydration....But, if we had carried her to the emergency room, guess what the health department would have been notified.  Maybe that is why he wanted to know.  He says, he will investigate and get back with me.  Well, he DIDN'T.  It is not a good thing to not to take someone seriously when in today's age we have social media.  It took days for mom, Brianna and Bob to get over it. Dad and I did not get sick. If it was a bug, we would have gotten it, Because any stomach related bug puts us under!

So, A big Thank You to the management at The Arlington!  I hope you see this.